International Communist Party Against Capitalist Wars

Appeal to the Partisans


Proletarians organized in the partisan paramilitary units!

With the watchword desert the war the communist left had indicated a defensive orientation towards your class enemy, who, by pushing you to war, was aiming at your annihilation. To this watchword our Party had added another: proletarians, sabotage the war. By refusing to respond to the militaristic – and therefore counterrevolutionary – call of Badoglio, the representative of the monarchy, and of Mussolini, the representative of Fascism, you have created the initial conditions for the struggle against the war. But these conditions are null and void, and they threaten to represent your end not only physically but also politically and historically if you do not immediately break the ties that keep you tied to the capitalist war through paramilitary partisan organizations.

Partisan proletarians!

You deserted the fascist war, during the 45 days of Badoglio you deserted the monarchist-democratic war. Your class duty must now suggest that you complete your political position by deserting the partisan guerrilla war, which is also a manifestation of the capitalist war. Only in this way will you be able to take the same line of class combat as your brothers who, in the factories, struggle daily to sabotage the war machinery of Milan, Turin, Genoa, Naples, Brindisi, Taranto, etc., and preparing with this tenacious daily struggle the conditions favorable to the seizure of power over the whole Italian sector.

Partisan proletarians!

Be on your guard! The position in which you find yourselves today is already in itself an anti-class position, since it moves in the direction of war. But things could be even worse if you do not become conscious of this position of yours: remember that the class enemy could make use of you as a counter-revolutionary device, an agent of anti-proletarian repression at the moment when your class needs your gun and your courage.

Partisan proletarians!-

Break partisan discipline as soon as possible; retreat in small groups to geographically suitable places to remain on the defensive; do not serve the game of democratic capitalism, as you have not served the game of fascist capitalism. This position of denying the war is not a position of wait-and-see cowards, as fascist and democratic-centrist warmongering propaganda would have you believe. The denial of war represents the prelude to the armed proletarian insurrection against bourgeois capitalism. At the dawn of the social battle, you will come down from your shelters and, with your machine gun you will reach your comrades on the streets and squares of Italy, with only one word of order and struggle: ALL POWER TO THE PROLETARIAT, the only class that has the right, the duty and the ability to direct the helm of progress towards the great goals of socialism.

     Long live the Italian communist revolution!
     Long live the world communist revolution!
     Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!

The Lombardy Federal Committee of the Internationalist Communist Party