International Communist Party Against Capitalist Wars

At Yalta, “Democratic” Imperialisms Reaffirm the Chains of Capitalist Slavery to “Partisan” Europe by Internationalizing the Methods of Nazism

The Partition of Europe into Zones of Influence is the Unmistakable Equivalent of the Hitlerist Plan of Lebensraum

(from La Sinistra Proletaria, 19th February 1945)


The partitioning of Europe into three zones of influence, decided at Yalta by the three big men of the imperialist victors, translates into practice Hitler’s design of the partitioning of the world according to the theory of lebensraum. This is the hidden meaning of the progressive democracy tirelessly advocated by comrade Togliatti: to put the masses to sleep as much as possible so that the game of imperialism competing with Capitalist Germany can succeed without excessive jolts and without too many shocks. Today, after seven years of war, the European proletariat is facing the most monstrous plot that capitalism has ever devised against the world proletariat. Acting behind the screen of anti-fascism, which is nothing but the back of that medal on which the usual masters of the world had pompously engraved the effigy of Il Duce and the Führer, the most representative men of the Anglo-American Directory, tried to set up a new Holy Alliance, a long-term Holy Alliance guaranteed by the Tripartite Pact of Dumbarton Oaks and conceived not so much against the war criminals (who were and will always be imperialist brigands) as against the proletarians of Europe and of the whole world, called not only to pay for the war, but also to submit to the laws that the victors will consider useful to impose in their respective zones of influence. It is thus, for example, that the Italian workers should continue to endure the regime of exploitation organized, with the approval of Moscow, under the insignia of the Savoy family cross, just because Italy, a geographical expression recurrent in imperialist competitions, has had the misfortune to have been declared a British zone of influence in that famous Moscow conference that put an end to the republicanising and Americanising ambitions of Count Sforza. And so, even though today they have every chance to lay the foundations of a European confederation, the Anglo-Russian-American directorate is careful not to utter the word United States of Europe, relegated to Nitti’s dictionary of dangerous or at least useless words. It is true that the bourgeoisie today is really afraid of stirring up the masses. Any popular movement could devolve into a revolution. The ELAS has been a fine warning. But Marxist militants know that today, after the fascist expedient, the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie rests on an inclined plane. One false step and it’s racing to the precipice.

The Communist Left must not give up, it will not give up waiting for the inevitable misstep that will make the rotting body of capitalism slide, allowing the revolutionaries to raise the flag of Lenin in Western Europe.