International Communist Party Against Capitalist Wars

Proletarians! Desert the National Liberation Committees

The so-called communist leaders (whom we rightly call turncoats, for the simple fact that they have betrayed the most basic principles of the party born in Livorno in 1921), pose as defenders of the parties composing the National Liberation Committee (see the Sunday, June 17 issue of Unità) which, being representatives of the bourgeois class, are consequently the creators of fascist methods, which was created by the bourgeoisie to prevent the triumphant march of the proletariat towards the seizure of political power. To say, as it has been said by a top Stalinist: that Fascism was an error committed by the bourgeoisie, is a double lie, since on the one hand one would like to reduce to a simple mistake (and therefore repairable in legal proceedings) the great suffering and blood shed by the proletariat in a quarter of a century, and, on the other hand, to deny the reality of a period of capitalist domination on the basis of their own class interests of accumulation of wealth and maintenance of the bourgeois authority against a militant proletariat, and finally to deny its role as a vanguard in the provocation to war, that war wanted by capitalism because the whole world capitalist society was contaminated to its core. Fascism is not a mistake, but rather the counter-revolutionary weapon that the bourgeoisie knows how to use in given situations, in given sectors of the capitalist world.


Today, in the Italian sector, fascism has finished its role of conserving the class interests of your enemy, and it is being replaced by another method which is based on demagogy, deception and the distortion of proletarian ideas. Once again, the bourgeoisie is not making a mistake; on the contrary, it’s very lucrative for it to be able to make use of organisms with a proletarian label in order to lead the proletariat to the chariot of national reconstruction, that is to say, to the chariot of exploitation, to be able to have “communist” government ministers. What matters for capitalism is only one thing: to prevent the proletariat from finding the thread of time with its old battles and thus continue the great path of the class struggle towards its total economic and political emancipation.

Workers! Yesterday with fascism, today with the National Liberation Committee, the bourgeoisie continues to oppress and deceive you. Does the ruling centrism call us traitors? We answer that if they mean traitors to the fatherland, they can save their breath; we, like all proletarians, do not have a fatherland, we have a class called the proletariat; if by traitors they mean our position against the war and our watchword: proletarians, desert and sabotage the war, well, for us it is an immense honor to have denounced the massacre between the proletarians of different countries. Finally, if we are traitors because we don’t belong to the Communist Party of the CLN, we must immediately declare that these insults don’t affect us, because it must be proved that the International Communist Party has betrayed the cause of the proletariat and its revolution. On the contrary, by denouncing the Communist Party of the CLN to the proletariat, we do nothing but continue to unmask the capitalist monster, which is willing to transform itself outwardly in any situation in order to keep intact its method of drawing blood and sweat from the work of all workers. We don’t think it’s an insult to say that in the CLN, capitalism in all its various guises, including fascism, is holed up. We don’t think it’s an insult to declare that Stalinism collaborates with the worst enemies of the proletariat, that it has renounced all class principles, accentuating the outdated principles of the patriotic bourgeoisie. The real insult to the proletariat is precisely that it keeps calling itself Communist when it’s a party whose political content represents everything except revolutionary class ideas.

     Down with the defeatists of the proletarian revolution:
     Down with the collaborators and conservatives of bourgeois rule!
     Long live the Italian and world proletarian revolution!

The Turin Federal Committee and Province of the International Communist Party