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Review of the International Communist Party


no 1 - July-December 1989 - (60p)
 – Marxism and the English Workers Movement (part 1/4): The English traditions - Origins of Marxism - Defeats and reorganisation - The First International - Trade Union bureaucrats’ defection
 – Ireland, Sinn Fein: from the bullet to the ballot?
 – Union question: Introduction, Evolution and dynamic of the union form - The party and the Cobas
 – Current events: The "modernization" of the Labour Party, or the emperor’s new clothes. - The bourgeoisie and the "social peace", East and West


no 2 - January-June 1990 - (60p)
 – CPGB lurching into oblivion
 – Roast beef of Old England
 – Marxism and the workers movement in Britain (part 2/4): Economics and the proletarian critique: Class struggle by the new industrial working class - Plan for the reorganisation of society - Limits and collapse of utopian socialism
 – On the Thread of Time: Introduction. Marxism of the stammerers, 1952
 – Life of the party: Reunion report, Bolzano, October 1989
 – Current events: Transport strikes in Australia. Poll tax riots - Ruling class says "No" to violence. Trial and terror in the U.K.


no 3 - July-December 1990 - (60p)
 – Editorial: Against all fatherlands
 – Marxism and the workers movement in Britain (part 3/4): - 3. Cooperation: The Bourgeois Phase
 – The party’s classical theses and evaluation on war (1/2)
 – Reunion report: Profitable work on the 3rd-4th February 1990: History of the Communist Left. 1926/27 - Evaluation of the economy and current events in Russia - Critique of Bourgeois and economy - Marx’s "Historical notes on commercial capital" - The Party’s activity in the Cobas - Communist and ecology
 – Unofficial Union Organizes strike in oil-fields
 – Big stick in Poplar (1923) by Sylvia Pankhurst
 – Currents events: Anti-poll tax campaign. Gulf imperialist conflict.


no 4 - 1991 - (60p)
 – Revolutionary Marxism and the War in the Gulf
 – The Party’s Classical Theses and Evaluations on war (2/2)
 – The Italian Left and the Communist International 1919-26 (1/12) - 1. The founding Conference of the Communist International: 1. Historical necessity - 2. The letter if invitation to the congress - 3. The foundin Congress, Moscow 2-6, March 1919, The Founding Proclamation
 – Italy - The Metalworkers: Caught in the vice between Bosses and Unions
 – Reunion Reports: Reunion of the Party, June 2-3 - The Party Reunion at Bolzano, September 29-30: The origins of the Communist Party in Great Britain - Report on the Russian economy - Communism and ecology - Preparations for the Gulf War - The Party-Class relationship - History of the Communist Left, 1928-1930 - The Communist Left and the Third International
 – "Practical" Socialists, by William Morris (1923) - Introduction
 – Current Events: Argentinian telephone workers settle accounts with peronism - Change of scenary in Argentina – Liverpool - Assault on all fronts against the workers: Attacks against Local Council workers - The attack of the "moderates"


no 5 - January-June 1992 - (60p)
 – US Riots, American Dream Under Fire
 – Yugoslavia: Not ethnic war but global imperialist conflict - Serbia another Sarajevo?
– Russia: Liquidators liquidated
 – Nature and communist revolution: 1. The "ruin of all classes" - 2. The fetish character of the commodity - 3. Mystical Body - 4. Communist mysticism - 5. From the truly great economy to the truly great ecology
 – An historical outline of the Union movement in Argentina
 – The Italian Left and the Communist International (2/12)
 – Three texts of the Italian Left on anarchism: Socialism and anarchy, Il Soviet, no. 13, 16-3-1919; Socialists and anarchists, Il Soviet, no. 2, 11-1-1920; Bolshevism defamed by the anarchists, Il Soviet, no. 15, 23-5-1920
 – A successful general reunion of the party at Turin
 – Current Events: London Underground Strike, Underground tremors hit capital; Ignore the elections, Continue the struggles (Leaflet on the Election in the U.K.)


no 6 - July-December 1992 - (60p)
 – Marxism and the workers movement in Britain (part 4/4): 4. The fake socialism of Cooperative Trading - 5. Cooperative Labour
 – Auschwitz the Big Alibi, 1960 - with 1987 Introduction
 – Race and Class
 – The Italian Left and the Communist International (3/12): 11. The Italian Party (P.S.I.) and its abstentionist fraction, 1919-1920: 1. The origins of the extreme left current, 1864-1914 - 2. The 1914-18 war: struggle of the Left against the inertia and deiviations of the PSI leadership
 – Interview with Sylvia Pankhurst on the situation in England (published in Il Soviet in 1919): Introduction - Communist thought and action in the 3rd International, The situation in England: Parliament and direct action
 – The Party and the Trade Unions. A general outline of the party’s activity in the Trade Unions
 – The imperialist war in Sarajevo: A massacre inflicted on the working class by capitalist interests - The proletariat can rebel against the war
 – New publication: Revolution and counter-revolution in Russia


no 7 - April-September 1993 - (60p)
 – The burial of the CPGB, A question of traditions: Backgrounds of the organisations involved in the formation of the CPGB
 – The Italian Left and the Communist International (4/12): The great proletarian struggles and their repercussions on the party - Impotence and inefficiency of the PSI - The Bologna congress of the Psi (5/8 October 1919), Victory for the Maximalists and Reformists, Foundation of the Communist Abstentionist Fraction
– Sylvia Pankhurst, Report on the 1919 Bologna Congress of the Socialist Party of Italy: Introduction - Red Bologna: The Italian socialist congress - Revolutionary idea accept by Italian Socialist movement - The taunt of Treves, A reminder to the British - Lazzari’s motion - Serrati’s motion - The Abstentionist’s resolution - The rise of the abstentionist movement in Italy - Bordiga predicts a split.
 – Current Events: The Season of Strikes in Italy - A Summing Up; Britain - The Axe still Hangs Over the Mines: The Campaign against the Pit Closures - Heated Discussions Within the Ruling Class - What Now for the Miners
- Life of the party: - Fight the pit closures! Keep up the class struggle! (Text of leaflet distributed on TUC’s ‘Day of Action’, April 2nd) – The agony of capitalism in its cyclical crises (public meetin)
- Information for our readers 


no 8 - Autumn 1994 - (£1)
 – The battle against the destruction of the Party - Introduction
 – From the Archives of the Left: The Fraction’s letter to the International secretariat, 1930
 – Straightening Dogs’ legs ("Le gambe ai cani", Battaglia Comunista, no 11, 1952. Introduction and Preface of the the 1952 edition)
 – Reunion Report: Turin, 2 & 3 October 1993
 – The need for workers’ economic organizations
 – Current Events: Leaflet on Unemployment. Lecturers Strike. Postal workers strike.


no 9 - Autumn 1995 - (£1/$2.50)
 – British Labour Dumps Fake Socialism
 – Theses on the Trade Unions in Britain
 – The tactic of affiliating the CPGB to the Labour Party
 – Notes on the history of the Left: Stalinism’s Victory over the Oppositions
 – From the Left’s Archives: Letter to Korsch from the Left in October 1926
 – The Italian Left and the International (5/12) - The struggle for a split in the Italian Socialist Party
 – Party Reunions
 – The signal workers strike against Railtrack, June -September 1994.


no 10-11 - 1997 - (£2/$5)
 – Origins and History of the English Workers Movement (part 1: Primitive accumulation)
 – Articles on the 1926 General Strike: Introduction - The tactics of the Comintern: Anglo-Russian Committee, 1926 - Mac Donald in Power, Prometeo no 20, 1929 - Capitalism’s mortal Crisis, Prometeo no 5, 1928 - How to write history, a Critique of Hobsbawn, 1964 - Position of the Left at the Sixth Enlarged ECCI, 1926 - The Comintern and the United Front
 – Archives: introduction. The Balkan war (1912). Interventions.


no 12/13 - Summer 1999 - (£2/$5)
 – Origin and History of the English Workers Movement (Part 2: the Bourgeois Revolution
 – The Italian Left and the International (6/12)
 – Communist Organisation and Discipline (Prometeo 1924)
 – Notes on the opposition between capitalist and socialist economics
 – A growing anger at the Trade Union leaders
 – The Liverpool dockers dispute, a summing up (or how not to conduct a strike)
 – Yet another appalling TUC annual General Gathering
 – Australia: Wharfies still under attack
 – Articles on disputes in the USA: All-out strike at General Motors. A nice test of strength by the New York buiding workers
 – Leaflets on the Kosovo war: Down with the imperialist war! Now as before, war on war


no 14 - Autumn 2000 - (£1/$2.50)
 – Algeria, Yesterday and Today
 – The Explosive Potential of the Indonesian Working Class
 – The Italian left and the International (7/12)
 – Origin and History of the English Working Class: Emergence of the Proletarian Movement (Part 3: 1780-1815, Emergence of the proletarian movement - London Corresponding Society - Mutinies - Luddism - First Trade Unions)
 – UK: Carworkers under Attack
 – Biodiversity and Capitalism (1/2)
 – Deadly Embraces (an article about our attitude towards other groups ’on the Left’)
 – Reunion report.


no 15-16 - Spring-Summer 2002 - (£2/$5)
 – The Capitalist regime uses Terrorism and anti-terrorism to force the Proletariat into the Third Imperialist War
 – A “Peace Process” for Capitalism in Ireland
 – Origin and History of the English Working Class (Part 4, The beginning of the 19th century: Economy and subordinated classes - Political Unrest - The Radical Movement - First Unions of Industrial Workers - Utopian Reformism - Trade Union Legality)
 – Biodiversity and Capitalism (2/2) - The rain forests
 – The Italian left and the International (8/12): The Communist Party and Parliamentarism
 – UK: A Further Integration of the Unions into the State
 – Chaos and Disruption in the British Postal System
 – Manchette (What Distinguishes Our Party)
 – Reunion Report - Genoa, 26-27 May 2001.


no 17 - Special edition - Six Articles on Disasters and the Nature of Capitalism - (£2/$5)
 – Introduction - Filling and bursting of bourgeois civilization - Murder of the dead - The legend of the Piave - Weird and wonderful tales of modern social decadence - The doctrine of the body possessed by the devil - The spirit of horse-power (Articles originally published in Battaglia Comunista nos. 23 and 24, 1951; il Programma Comunista no. 20, 1963; no. 17, 1956; Battaglia Comunista no. 21, 1951; il Programma Comunista no.5, 1953, respectively).


no 18 - Summer-Autumn 2003
 – Against Capitalist War! Against Capitalist Peace!
 – Social and Class issues underlie the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy
 – The Italian Left and the Communist International (9/12): The Trade Union Question - The Italian Question - The Formation of the National Sections - The Founding of the Communist Party of Italy: Livorno 1921
 – Origin and History of the English Workers Movement (Part 5, Chartism, 1837-1847: The National Convention -The Newport rebellion - The National Charter Association - The Great General Strike of 1842 - O’Connor’s Landplan, The last gasp or Utopianism)
 – On Marxism, Law and Revolution: Academic Acrobatics - Structure and Superstructure - The Abolition or the Withering Away of the State? - Victory of Communism, Not of Socialist Law - The Legal Structure of the October Revolution - Gramsci on State and law
 – Report from the USA, False security: Iraq and Beyond - Union struggles
 – Increased Exploitation in the UK Postal Service: The Reaction of the Communication Workers Union - Union cooperation in the restructuring plans - How the Redundancies will take place.


no 19-20 - 2004
 – Iraq: War as Form of Government
 – The Counter-Revolution and the Spanish Imperialist War, Three articles from Bilan (1936-37): Foreword (translated form Il Partito Comunista, no.148, April 1986) - The "Popular Front" triumphs in Spain (Bilan no. 28, March-April 1936) - Against the imperialist front for the massacre of Spanish workers we must oppose the class front of the international proletariat (Bilan no. 34, August-September 1936) - The Spanish imperialist war and the massacre of the asturian miners (Bilan no. 44, October-November 1937)
 – June 1944 - Manifesto of the Communist left to the proletarians of Europe
 – The Italian Left and the Communist International (10/12): Proletarian struggles betrayed by the PSI and the CGL: The political tendencies inside the PSI - The Turatian right - The Maximalists)
 – Towards the Rebirth of the Working Class trade Union (from "Il Partito Comunista", no.205, 1992)
 – Origins and History of the English Workers Movement (Part 6, Karl Marx and the Chartists: The Communist League - The last days of the Chartism)
 – UK - Workers frustration and Outbursts of Strikes headed off by the Union Leaders: Preparing for the 2003 Trades Union Congress - Discontent contained at the TUC - A Late Autumn Strike Wave - The Response of the Postal - Workers - Other Workers in Dispute (December 2003)
 – Usa - The Southern California grocery strike Portrait of a regime union in action
 – Party Interventions: Italy: The public transport workers’ strike An example for all workers (3 December, 2003) - Usa: Solidarity with striking and locked-out grocery workers For a class union (February 2004) - Usa: Ignore the elections Unleash the class war.


no 21-22 - spring 2005/winter 2006
 – Comrade Livio has Passed Away
 – New Orleans, Ignorance-Impotence-Rapacity
 – Terrorism, Anti-Proletarian in Two Senses: The Iraqi working class and the various guises of its bourgeois enemy - The terrorist attack in Madrid - Terrorist Attacks in London - Bourgeois Terrorism against the International Proletariat
 – Iraq, Against collaborationists and resistance fighters: "Errors", or a necessity? - Towards the Destruction of the Unitary State - The Social Situation and the Task of the Proletariat
 – Theses on the Chinese Question, "Marseilles Theses", 1964: Introduction - The Revolutions of the East: Character and Perspectives - Democracy and the Proletariat: The National Question - From the Russian Revolution to the Canton Commune: the Revenge of the Mensheviks - Peasant "Socialism" and the "New" Democracy - Impotent Petit-Bourgeois Reformism - Rivalries in the Bourgeois East
 – Marxism and the unions, The Young Marx and Engels, the Workers, and the Trade-Union struggles (1/2): Introduction - 1. The "young Hegelian" Marx - 2. Marx and the "Rheinische Zeitung" - 3. The proletariat identified as the revolutionary class - 4. The Paris Manuscripts - 5. Labour in a post-capitalist society
 – Capitalist Development and the American Civil War (1/4), The Civil War as the key moment in the subjugation of the black and white proletariat to the requirements of a rapacious bourgeoisie, Report presented to the May 2002 and January 2003 Party Reunions: The United States in the mid Nineteenth Century - North and South - The ’Peculiar’ Institution - The Missouri Compromise - The Midwest - The 1850s, The Decisive years
 – Reunion reports: An intense party meeting, Cortona, 2-3 October 2004 [RG90]: Marxist Economy - The Self-knowledge of the Italian Bourgeoisie - Anti-militarism and the Workers’ Movement - The History of Modern Iraq - The Jewish Question Today - Trade Union Work amongst the Railway Workers. Working meeting at Florence, January 29th and 30th, 2005 [RG91]: Course of capitalism - History of modern Iraq - Origins of trade unions in Italy - Russian capitalism, post 1991
 – Mass Sackings and Wildcat Strikes at Heathrow
 – Heads roll in the UK unions


no 23-24 - spring 2006/winter 2007
 – The war in the Middle East and the Destruction of Lebanon
 – The Courageous strike of the Teheran tram-drivers
 – Struggles in France against the latest attacks on job security, January-March 2006
 – Our Last Farewell to Fortunato Benedetti
 – Marking Out the Foundations (Prometeo, No 1, 1946)
 – Schematic Chronology of the Chinese National Epic: Gestation and revolutionary anguish - Anti-imperialist Revolution-Anti-communist Counter-revolution - 1949: The birth of the Popular Republic - The colossal agrarian problem - Struggles inside the Party-State - China becomes part of the imperialist chess-game
 – The Italian left and the International (11/12): The Imola congress, Towards the communist party
 – Capitalist Development and the American Civil War (2/4): The last year of peace - The 1860 elections - Secession - The deployment of forces - Total War
 – UK: A Strike Against the Latest Attack on Workers Pensions, March 2006
 – UK: "Left" Trade Union Leaders avoid the Class struggle: Vauxhall Strike at Ellesmere Port in May - The Shop Floor Workers walk-out - No Sign of Class Struggle from the ’Left’ TU Leaders
 – Reunion Reports: An Excellent Party Meeting at Cortona, 1-2 October 2005 [RG93]: Antimilitarism and the Workers’ Movement - Italian Ideology, The Post-resistance Bloc - Origin of the trade unions in Italy: Fascism and War - Course of the Crisis - Iran, balance sheet of the “Islamic Revolution” - The War in Iraq - The Jewish Question, Universalisms in Conflict
 – The Spring 2006 Meeting at Parma [RG94]: American Workers’ Movement - Origin of the Trade Unions in Italy - Italic history and ideology - Iran, balance-sheet of the “Islamic revolution” - The History of Modern Iraq - The Jewish Question


no 25-26 - Autumn 2007 / Summer 2008
 – China, “Communist Variant” of capitalism
 – Communist International - Two Reports on Fascism by the delegate of the Communist Party of Italy: Introduction (2008) - 4th Congress, 1922 - 5th Congress, 1924
 – Fascism and Antifascism
 – The Italian Left and the International (12/12) - continued from Communist Left, no.19-20: IV - The Founding of the Communist Party of Italy: Livorno 1921: IV.3 - The political tendencies inside the PSI: b. The Maximalists (cont.) - c. The Communist Fraction: The Milan Meeting of October 15th - An Historical Necessity - b - The Imola Congress - c. Towards the Communist Party
 – Capitalist Development and the American Civil War (3/4): The Civil War as the key moment in the subjugation of the black and white proletariat to the requirements of a rapacious bourgeoisie: A War of Long Duration - The Crucial Year - The “March to the Sea” - The Emancipation of the Slaves - The White Proletariat
 – Life of the Party, Reunion Reports: – A Productive Party Meeting at Viareggio, June 3-4, 2006 [RG95]: The Crisis of Capital - The Rearming of the States - The American Workers’ Movement - Balance Sheet of the Islamic “Revolution” - Italy: Bigotted and Machiavellian - The origin of the trade unions in Italy - Anti-militarism in the Workers’ movement - The Jewish Question – Working Meeting in Turin, September 23-24, 2006 [RG96]: Chronology of Lebanese history - Course of the Economy - The Jewish question
 – Giandomenico


no 27-28 - 2009
 – The Capital regime is based on plunder and exploitation: Long may its crisis continue! For class struggle! For Communism!
 – December 2008, A Police operation against the proletariat trapped in the Gaza Strip
 – Greek youth revolts against a revolting world
 – The Workers’ Movement in Modern Iraq (part 1, Report presented at the May 2003 and May 2005 party meetings). Iraq under the monarchy: The social structure - The birth of the trade unions - Communist penetration - Political Crisis in the Thirties - The Coup d’Ètat of 1936 - Iraq in the Second World War - The post-war period - ‘The Leap’, the Revolt of 1948
 – A Peace Process in Northern Ireland - in London and Washington’s interest: Irish “Independence”, with England’s blessing - Marx and Engels on the Irish Question
 – Marxism and the Unions, The Young Marx and Engels, the Workers, and the Trade-Union struggles (2/2 - Part 1 in Communist Left 21/22): 6. The ‘young Hegelian’ Engels - 7. Engels arrives in England - 8. The condition of the working class in England - 9. The creation of the industrial working class - 10. The Trade Unions - 11. The Trade Unions and the working class party - 12. Conclusion
 – Capitalist Development and the American Civil War (4/4), The Civil War as the key moment in the subjugation of the black and white proletariat to the requirements of a rapacious bourgeoisie (presented at the September and May 2004 party meetings): The Consequences of the War - The North’s War - Marx and Engels’ stance - The “Reconstruction” and its failure - The missing agricultural reform - “Reconstruction” according to the Radicals - “Redemption” - By way of Conclusion
 – Contributions to the Organic Historical Representation of the Marxist Revolutionary Theory (Reunion of Milan, September 7, 1952): The Historical Invariance of Marxism - The False Resource of Activism (From the pamphlet, "Sul Filo del Tempo" - n° 1, May 1953)
 – Reunion Reports: Party Meeting at Sarzana [RG97]: Working Class Anti-militarism and the First World War - History of the American workers’ movement - The Jewish Question - Course of the capitalist Economy - Balance sheet of the Iranian “Revolution” - The Military Question – An Excellent Party Meeting in Parma [RG98]: History of the workers’ movement in the Usa, the first organisations - The Origin of the Trade unions in Italy, The Cgil - Course of the Economy - The military question, feudalism - The Jewish question, the 30 pieces of silver.


no 29-30 - 2010/2011
 – Through a hail of bullets, the Proletariat in North Africa is Rising up and taking on the Bourgeoisie - This generous, international revolt of the working class will only be consolidated by reinforcing its defensive organisations, the trade unions; by challenging the parties and the liberal and democratic illusions of the petty bourgeoisie; by reconnecting with the Marxist programme and political party, in solidarity with the workers in all countries and against the criminal global reaction of capital - Let the word ring out, so long mystified and prohibited: Communism - The Proletarian Giant shakes Egypt
 – The revolt in Tunisia is successful - But now it is menaced by the trap of democracy
 – Capitalism, already a nauseating corpse - and the international working class can and must free itself of it - why the crisis is both necessary and useful
 – More bloodshed in the Middle East
 – Rosarno - an example to all workers: A question of Class and Class struggle, not Race! - Oppose all divisions in the Working Class, For Working class unity! - The struggle of the immigrant labourers is for the whole of the working class
 – France - Pension “reforms”: Every defence of national and company interests is a defence of capital’s interests - The old world must give birth to Communism but only the workers struggle can make it happen
 – UK: Government cuts are directed against the working class: The TUC’s position on the Unemployed - Divisions within the Ruling Class - To trade union activists!
 – Distributed at the TUC demo against the cuts in London on March 26: For workers’ unity across different sectors! For a General Strike against Capital!
 – Letter from America: Struggling workers suppressed at the point of the boss’s gun
 – The American health reforms: A Nice Gift for the Insurance Companies
 – The Workers’ Movement in Modern Iraq, Study presented at the party meetings held between May 2003 and May 2005: The Bourgeois Revolution: The Coup d’état of the Free Officers - Pan-Arabism and nationalism - The Mosul Rebellion - Suppression of the Proletariat - The agrarian question - A belated bourgeois revolution - Caught between nationalism and suppression - Turbulent stabilization - The suicidal tactic of the United Front
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 1) [GM94]: The point of departure: Servants and Slaves: The Eighteenth Century: Birth of the Urban Proletariat - The Working Class Before Independence
 – Franco Ramasso
 – Party General Meetings: Party Meeting in Genoa 21-22 September 2007 [GM99] - Return to Sarzana for our working meeting 26-27 January 2008 [GM100] - Working meeting in Turin 24 and 25 May 2008 [GM101] - A Successful General Meeting in Cortona 28-29 September 2008 [GM102] - Party General Meeting in Florence January 31st to February 1st 2009 [GM103] - The Reports: The Military Question - Working class anti-militarism opposed to the Great War - Course of the economy - Origin of the trade unions in Italy - Financial capital - The “Peace process” in Northern Ireland - Imperialism in Iraq - History of the American Labour Movement - Towards a History of religion - Class struggle in the Middle East - Toward a History of Science - Trade union activity - The origins of the Chinese Communist Party - Agrarian collectivism during the Spanish Civil War


no 31-32 - 2012
 – From Hiroshima to Fukushima - Not yes or no to nuclear power, but yes or no to capitalism
 – The Inter-imperialist Confrontation in Libya
 – Economic Crisis and the need to fight it with effective trade-union organisations
 – Contributions to the Organic Historical Representation of the Marxist Revolutionary Theory (Reunion of Milan, September 7, 1952): Theory and Action - The immediate revolutionary programme (From the pamphlet, "Sul Filo del Tempo" - no 1, May 1953)
 – The Labor Movement in the United states of America (Part 2 - party meeting in Viareggio on June 2006): Intermezzo on the American Revolutions - The Working Class and the War of Independence
 – Egyptian Worker’s Speaking Tour - good and less good forms of Solidarity - Postscript: Letter from Wales
 – Greece: The Financial crisis in Greece: The Toppling of Capital’s Golden Idols
 – For the defence of the Greek proletariat’s living and working conditions against the attack of International capital! - The proletariat must avoid getting drawn into parliamentary games and instead rebuild its own independent class organisations!
 – General strike in Greece on the 28th and 29th June: Lessons and wrong trends
 – Greece on strike against capital, which is Greek, European and Global
 – Interventions in Italy and UK
 – Whether they ‘pay their debts’ or not, the employers and all the bourgeois states of Europe are moving onto the attack against the working class - The workers can only defend themselves with a full-scale general mobilisation, by reorganising themselves into a true trade union which fights for class objectives!
 – Distributed at the TUC demo against the cuts in London on March 26: For workers’ unity across different sectors! For a General Strike against Capital!
 – Public Sector Strikes in England, June 30
 – The Public Sector workers’ Strike on November 30
 – USA: Attacks on Public Sector Workers on Both Sides of the Atlantic
 – Verizon strike / From the Occupy Wall Street Movement to the Blockade of the West Coast ports
 – Reunion Reports: Genoa (June 2009), Turin (September 2009), Sarzana (January 2010)


no 33 - January-June 2013
 – October 2012 - Now Further Attacks on Pensions Proposed in the UK / New Attacks proposed against Pensioners
 – In South Africa the Miners Fight On, in the Face of the Bourgeoisie’s Bullets
 – The Spanish miners show the European proletariat the right path: indefinite strikes
 – The Crisis in Europe, Bourgeois Quacks and We Communists
 – Businesses, Banks and States dragged into the vortex of Capital’s Crisis of Overproduction: the Greek case: The Years of Euphoria - Harsh awakening - The Origin of the Crisis - Who Actually Pays Taxes? - The Liabilities of the Banks
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 3 - A presentation at the January 2007 party meeting in Sarzana - Continued from the previous issue): From Independence to Secession - Early Industrial Development - Workers’ Associations - The Situation of the Working Class
 – Report of the Public Meeting held in Liverpool on June 23rd 2012: Presentations - Chairperson’s address - The Historical Need for Communism
 – Outside and Against the Existing Trade Unions
 – Reunion reports, A condensation of the reports made at general meetings: - The Party’s General Meeting in Cortona 29-30 May 2010 [GM107] - A Busy Working Meeting Parma 18–19 September 2010 [GM108] - A Determined Party Meeting, Florence, 22 and 23rd January 2011 [GM109] - The excellent results that come of impersonal communist work, Genoa, 21-23 May 2011 [GM110]


no 34/35 - July 2013 - June 2014
 – On the Same Road as Always (’Il Partito Comunista’, no 1 Sep 1974)
 – For the Class Union: Theory - The party - Hitory - Three phases: Prohibition, Tolerance, Subjugation - After the Second World War
 – March 2013: The standard of living of all workers (whether employed or not) is under attack
 – May the First 2013: Capitalism is now a nauseating corpse. Its economy, political institutions and social superstitions are merely waiting to be buried by its gravediggers - LONG LIVE COMMUNISM!
 – Grengemouth - "Unite the Union" prefers collaboration to Class Struggle: The development of the site - The pension fund issue - Shenanigans in Falkirk - The prepared attacks against the Grangemouth workers - Appeals to the Scottish government - Unite’s climb-down
 – Bangladesh, April 2013: The Latest Victim of Multinational Capitalism
 – August 2013: In Egypt the Islamists sacked by the army will remain as a back-up force to be used against the proletariat: The "revolution" of 2011 - The Brotherhood, changing everything to change nothing - The bourgeoisie applauds the coup d’Etat - Todau against Muslims, tomorrow against the proletariat - Bourgeois international solidarity - Only the proletariat can take up the challenge
 – In support of the working class struggle in Egypt against the bourgeois State, its army and its lay and Islamic lackeys, enemies one and all
 – German angst and the surveillance State: Politicians of all parties diffuse dissent - A “hip” new defence of the surveillance State - “Fighting terrorism”
 – Germany - class struggles ahead draw parties closer toghether: The economic background
 – Businesses, Banks and States dragged into the vortex of Capital’s Crisis of Overproduction - the Greek case (Part 2): How to save the banks - The solution: socialising the debts - Restructuring or pillage? - Squeezing the Greek proletariat and petit bourgeoisie to gain some time - Rendering the proletariat submissive and exploitable at will - One way out: Revolution!
 – Party General Meetings: Party Meeting in Turin 24 and 25 September 2011 [GM111] - General Meeting in Sarzana 21-22 January 2012 [GM 112] - Party General Meeting in Cortona 19-20 May 2012 [GM113]


no 36/37 - July 2014 - June 2015
 – Paris attacks: Not a war between races and religions - but preparation for imperialist war
 – First of May 2014 - A hundred years after the outbreak of the First imperialist war - Against capitalism and its preparations for a Third - For the resumption of workers’ struggles - For the revolution - For communism: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
 – 15 July 2014 - War in Gaza: For the rebirth of a proletarian and communist movement in the Middle East
 – 10 September 2014 - The Scottish independence referendum - A blind alley for the working class: The Scottish nationalist “debate”- The Scottish nationalist view of history - Union of the Crowns & union of parliaments - Industrial decline, North Sea oil & the independence debate- The currency issue and the communist position
 – Ukraine
   - Introduction
   - The threat of war in Ukraine: The working class in Ukraine must struggle against both the Russian and the Western imperialist fronts and for tomorrow’s international communist revolution
   - Preparations for a future World War: The imperialist machinations in Ukraine - March/April 2014 - The Current Crisis
   - Ukraine: war manoeuvres in Europe
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America (part, 4) - In search of an independent role: First organized economic movements - Political Struggle - The Working Men’s Party
 – The Colonial Question - An Initial Balance-Sheet (From Programme Communiste No. 4, July-September 1958)
 – New Publication: Factors of Race & Nation in Marxist Theory, 1953
 – General Meeting Reports: - Gm114, Turin, September 22-23, 2012 - Gm115, Genoa, January 19-20, 2013 - Gm116, Parma, May 25-26, 2013 - Gm117, Sarzana, September 21-22, 2013: Trends in the economy - Marxist economic theory -The military question - History of the labour movement in the Usa - Oil and imperialism - The war in Syria - Communism and democracy in the early days of the labour movement in Italy - History of Egypt - The rearming of the States - Towards a study of Indian capitalism - Trade union activity


no 38/39 - 2016
– Against the European Union referendum! The working class can only defend its conditions by class organisation and class struggle: The crisis of capitalism is world-wide - Immigration - “Sovereignty”
 – The Tottering Framework of Global Capitalism
 – Only by the workers defending their standard of living today can they prepare to destroy the global power of capitalism tomorrow
 – The false alternative for the proletariat in Greece
 – Introduction – “Islamic State” creature of the imperialisms – Kobane: The Kurds in the quagmire of the Middle East
 – Theses on the national and colonial question adopted by Second Comintern Congress (1920)
 – Communism and the national question, "Prometeo" no.4, April 15, 1924, with 1983 Presentation
 – The labour movement in the United States of America (Part 5) Trade union activity resumes: Illusory alternatives - Economic revival in the 1840s
 – The usefulness of the latest genetic studies in looking at the prehistory of Britain, which confirms the methods of Marx: The revolution in science and its application to history - The samples used in the genetic study - Comparing UK clusters in relation to Europe
 – General meeting reports: GM118, Florence, January 25-26, 2014 - GM119, Genoa, May 24-25, 2014 - GM120, Turin, September 20-21, 2014 - GM121, Florence, January 24-25, 2015


n° 40/41 - 2017
 – An Analysis of October and Perspectives on the Future in a Text by Lenin: Better Fewer but Better ("Pravda", n. 49, March 4, 1923)
 – The Working Class and Irish Nationalism 1. Marxism and the Irish Question: 1) Natural conditions and ancient history of Ireland (Natural Conditions - The Island’s Geology - Soil and Crops - Old Ireland) - 2) The English Conquest of Ireland (Before the Protestant Reformation - The Elizabethan Reconquest - The First National Insurrection - Cromwell’s Campaign in Irelan - Ireland During the American and French Revolutions - 1801-1846 The Age of the Small Peasant - 1846-1870 Extermination by Mass Starvation) - 3) The Irish Question in the First International
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 6) - Fresh Immigration and the Slavery Crisis: The “Negroes who Vote” - The American Party - The Situation Down South - The Northern Working Class and Slavery
 – The Marxist Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall: A Numerical Illustration - What is Surplus-Value Increases?
 – From the Archive of the Left:
     - The Revolutionary Workers Movement and the Agrarian Question (Prometeo, no. 8, November 1947)
     - Contributions to the Organic Representation of the Revolutionary Marxist Theory: Introduction - Multiple Revolutions - The Anti-Capitalist Revolution in the West (Genova meeting, April 26, 1953)
     - The Party Does not Arise from “Circles”: 2017 Introduction - Tenacious and Coherent Party Activity - Activity and Action - Organization and Discipline - Who Benefits? - A Harsh Lesson for All - The Principles of Organization - From Party to “Circles” (Il Partito Comunista, n. 68-69-71, 1980)
 – General Meetings Reports - Combined Summaries (GM122, May 2015 - GM123, Sept 2015 - GM124, Jan 2016 - GM125, May 2016 - GM126, Sep 2016): The ongoing crisis in production, trade and finance - Currency Questions - History of India - Proletarian Rebellion in Italy Following the First World War - The Recent Flow of Migrants Towards Europe - The Military Question: a) The Libya war of 1911, b) The Balkan Wars, c) Towards the First World War, d) The Western Front, e) The Austrian-Serbian Campaign, e) On the Eastern Front, f) The Revolution in Russia - Party activity in Venezuela - Party Union Activity - The succession of modes of production: Ancient-Classical Variant a) Greece, b) Rome - The Concept of Dictatorship Before Marx - History of the Workers’ Movement in the USA - Report on Current Armed Conflicts Among States - Germany 1919-1923, Between Social Democracy and Communism - The Second Post-War Period in the United Kingdom and in Europe - The Hungarian Revolution


n° 42/43 - 2018
 – International Solidarity and Revolutionary Communist Preparation Against Right‑wing and Left‑wing “Sovereignism”
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 7 - General meeting January 2009) - The North American Working Class and the Civil War: Another crisis - Volunteers for the front - Workers and Copperheads - Wartime strikes - The National Labor Union
 – The Working Class and Irish Nationalism (Part Two - Continued from last issue) - From the First International to the Irish Socialist Republican Party and the formation of the Labour Party: Utopianism and Chartism - Young Ireland and Great Famine - The International Workingmen’s Association in Ireland - Counter-revolution - The Land War - The Social Democratic Federation - The Socialist League - The Parliamentary Question - The Socialist League in Ireland - The Great Dock Strike - The Unions and Second International - The Irish Trade Union Congress - Towards an Independent Workers’ Party - The Independent Labour Party in Ireland - The Irish Socialist Republican Party - The Party Programme - The Electoral Trap set Once Again - Early Communism in Ireland - The ISRP on the International Stage - The Birth of the Labour Party
 – The National and Colonial Question at the First Congress of Eastern Peoples, Bakù, September 1920: The Marxist analysis of the national and colonial question - The International situation - 1920, apogee of the Bolshevik revolutionary movement - The Theses of the Second Congress
From the Archive of the Left:
     – The Economic and Social Structure of Russia Today (1), 2018 Presentation - 1955 Introduction: Reference to Previous treatments of the Subject - Plan of the Present Report - More on "Tactics" - Established outcomes - Lenin’s Formula - Comparison with the event - The Past Half Century - Destruction of war - Liquidation of Allies - Demolition of the State
     – Documents concerning the Irish question: Manifesto of S.D.F.Council members who resigned (Jan. 1885) to form Socialist League - The Manifesto of the Socialist League, Second Edition - William Morris, The Policy of the Socialist League, Commonweal, 9 June 1888 - William Morris, Anti-Parliamentary, Commonweal, 7 June 1890 - Inaugural Manifesto of the Irish Socialist Republican Party (1896)
 – Summaries of Our General Meetings in 2017: General Party Meeting, Firenze, January 27-29 [RG127] - General Work Meeting, Torino, May 26-28 [RG128] - A very well participated General Meeting, Genua, September 29 - October 1 [RG129]


n° 44/45 - 2019
 – Putrid Democracy Throws Itself into the Arms of Fascism
 – The German Revolution: A Balance Sheet: The legacy - “I was, I am, I will be”
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America, Part 8 (General meeting September 2009), The Years of the First International: The cooperative movement - Political action - The eight hours - Female labor - African-American workers - The International - The long depression - Socialists and the struggles of the unemployed - The Molly Maguires - Employees’ struggles - Signs of independent political action - The International Labor Union
 – National and Colonial Question, Second Congress of the Third International, Excerpts from the Report by the Commission, Fourth Session, July 25, 1920
 – The National and Colonial Question at the First Congress of Eastern Peoples Bakù, September 1920 (continued from previous number): Theses of the Second Congress - The Meeting at Bakù - The Congress proceedings
 – The working class and Irish nationalism (continued from last issue), Part three, The Belfast Strike of 1907, Report presented at the party general meeting in Turin, September 2015: 1. A Recap - 2. The National Union of Dock Workers - 3. Still the Parliamentary Siren - 4. The Dockers of Belfast - 5. The Belfast strike of 1907 - 6. Police Mutiny - 7. The Lessons of the Belfast Strike - 8. Expansion beyond Belfast - 9. The split in the National Union of Dock Labourers (to be continued) – From the Archives: Lenin, The British Liberals and Ireland, Put Pravdy No. 34, March 12, 1914 - James Connolly, Plea For Socialist Unity in Ireland, Forward, 27th May 1911 - James Connolly, Ireland, Karl Marx and William, Forward, 10th June 1911: Lord Charlemont: Democrat - The History of Black Ulster - Karl Marx on Socialism and Ireland - Walker and the King
 – From the Left’s Archives:
    - Third International, Third Congress, Terracini’s Speech: 2018 Introduction - 11th Session, 1st July 1921, Discourse by the delegate of the Communist Party of Italy in relation to the discussion on the theses on tactics presented by Radek - Statement by the Italian Delegation (14th Session)
    - The tactics of the Communist International, by Left current in the Communist Party of Italy, “Il Comunista”, 11-29 January 1922, “L’Ordine Nuovo”, 12-31 January 1922: Presented in “Comunismo” Nr. 8, 1982 - The tectics...
 – Résumé of General Meetings 130-131-132: - Party general meeting, Florence 26-28 January 2018 [GM130] - Important general meeting, 25-27 May 2018 [GM131] - Another intense, harmonious working meeting, Florence, 28 -30 September [GM132]:
    - Towards a History of the Revolution in Hungary: an exposition of some relevant material - The Succession of the Modes of Production: The German Variant and Feudalism - The PCd’I and the Civil War in Italy - Lenin’s organic party - The Concept and Practice of Dictatorship, Before Marx: Blanqui in 1848 - Report on the Party’s trade union activity - Reports from the Venezuelan Section - The military question, On the Western Front 1915-16 - History of the class struggle in India, 1920-35 - Again on the Revolution in China - The recent proletarian uprising in Iran - Power Relations between the Main Imperialist States - The Rise and Fall of the Revolution in Germany


n° 46 - March 2020 [ PDF ]
 – Ecological Catastrophism and Global Superstitions: Capitalism Gets a Makeover
 – 100 Years after the Proletarian Revolution in Hungary
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America: Part 9. – Some further observations on the last years of the 1st International - The formation of the party between 1871 and 1883, Caught between Marxism, Lassalleanism and Anarchism: Party and Trade Union - Lassalleanism and Marxism - The Influence of the Party in Germany - The ‘Iron law of wages’ - The Formation of the Workingmen’s Party of the U.S. - The Socialist Labor Party - The split in the SLP - The Workers Militias - The Social Revolutionary Clubs
 – The Economic and Social Structure of Russia today (2) - Part one. Struggle for power in the two revolutions: 1. the 1914 war - 2. Nightmarish collapse - 3. Seven theses on war - 4. No "New theory" - 5. Simultaneous revolution? - 6. Down with Disarmament! - 7. Youthful exsuberance - 8. Guns and workers - 9. Fatherland and defence - 10. Victory in One Country - 11. Ditched Resolution
     From the Archive of the Left: The function of the chief in the Marxist conception: Luxemburg and Liebknecht.
    - Revolutionary Communist Leaders, Prometeo no. 84, February 5, 1933
    - Lenin, Liebknecht and Luxemburg belong to the world proletariat, Prometeo no 127, January 26, 1936
    - Who are the heirs of Lenin, Luxemburg, Liebknecht?, Bilan no 27, January 1936
 – Summaries of the ICP General Meetings in 2019:
   - A beautiful, international party meeting - Turin, January 25‑27 [GM133]
   - To our general meeting the contributions of all party groups converge and intertwine in their tenacious and consistent battle - Genoa, May 24‑26 [GM134]
   - International party meeting - Florence, October 4‑6 [GM135]
The Succession of Modes of Production: Slave-Serf-Wage laborer – Proletarian Dictatorship: Lenin in 1920 – The Organic Party in Lenin – The Military Question: in Russia from 1905 to February 1917 – The Revolution in Germany from 1919 to 1923: The New Unions; The German Revolution of 1919 in Prometeo – The Hungarian Revolution; The Red Army Counterattack – The Birth of the Communit Party of China, First Part – The Communist Party of Italy and the Civil War Against State and Fascism – Origin and History of the Profintern – The Formation of the Indian Nation – The Course and the Crisis of World Capitalism – The World Rearmament of States – Economy and Society in Israel and Palestine


n° 47 - September 2020 [ PDF ]
   – The Epidemic Condemns Capitalism and Signals its Demise - Initial Contributions from across the Party: Bosses at war, at the workers’ expense - The virus in the USA - Pandemic and medicine - The farce of face masks - Fake news goes viral -Democracy, social health and anti-worker repression - A political lesson - Conclusion from the working-class perspective
   – The course of world capitalism and its crisis - No future for capitalism. From a public meeting in Paris, November 23, 2019
   – Zionism and anti‑Zionism: Judaism and anti‑Judaism - On the definition of the Jew - Bourgeoisie and racism - Birth of Zionism - The first anti‑Zionism
   – The Labor Movement in the United States of America - Part 10 - The Knights of Labor: Utopianism and Religion - Aims and Methods - The Class meets the Knights of Labor - The Attitude Towards Minorities Within the Working Class - The Knights of Labor in Action - Start of decline - End of Working Class support - A Balance Sheet
   – From the Archive of the Left:
The Revolutionary Program of Communist Society Eliminates All Forms of Ownership of Land, the Instruments of Production and the Products of Labor - From the Turin Meeting of the International Communist Party, June 1‑2, 1958 - First published in Il Programma Comunista, issue no. 16, September 3‑17, 1958: Engels and the Agrarian Programs of the Socialist Parties - Socialists and the Peasantry in the late 1800s - The French Programs - The Unfortunate Conclusion - A Series of False Formulas - The False Chimera of Freedom - Property and Labor - Industrial and Agrarian Enterprise - The Most Extreme Aberration - Marx’s Great Pronouncement - Marx and Landed Property - How Marx Responds - Against All Divided Property - The Agrarian Question in France - Classes of Producers - Nation and Society - Not Even Society Will Own the Land - Utopia and Marxism - Property and Usufruct - Use Value and Exchange Value - Objectified Labor and Living Labor - The Death of Individualism  
   – Summaries of two ICP General Meetings in 2020:
   - The coherent party battle stands out on decaying bourgeous worl - Roma,24‑26 january [GM136]
   - Party work continues in spite of the vicissitudes of the collapsing bourgeous society - Meeting Online, 29‑31 may [GM137]
     - 1919 revolution in Hungary - The Failed Revolution in Germany and the Role of the Proletarian Leader - Lenin and Luxemburg on the first imperialist war - The uprising of black communities in the USA, Tale of three cities: Minneapolis, North Carolina, Portland - Origins of the Chinese Communist Party: Struggle and organization of the Chinese working class (1919‑22) - The situation in Latin America (mid May, 2020) - The French Social Movement December 2019-March 2020: The French unions, The “Coordinations”, The workers movement, The Lessons - Theory and practice of dictatorship: Lenin 1922, the NEP, the trade unions.


n° 48 - March 2021 [ PDF ]
   – No "Great Man" Will Solve the Deadly Crisis of the Imperial Powers
   – The Catastrophic Trajectory of World Capitalism (report presented at the September 2020 general meeting): The Growth of Debt - The Old Mole
   – The Labor Movement in the United States of America - Part 11 - The 8 Hours Movement is Back: Haymarket - The Reaction
   – The Anti-Historical Irish Nationalism: 2020 Introduction - 1. A short summary - 2. Ancestral ethnic unity - 3. The first modern colony - 4. Riding the wave of the American and French Revolutions - 5. Marxism and the National Question - 6. Marx and Engels on Ireland - 7. Extermination and the Industrial Revolution - 8. From the Eighteen to the Nineteen Hundreds - 9. Bourgeoisie and Proletariat in Ireland during the First World War - 10. The Revolt in Dublin - 11. Towards a National State - 12. Ulster - 13. Bourgeois Counter-Revolution in the South - 14. A Nationalism "Betrayed"? - 15. Social Struggle under Threadbare Banners - 16. Armed Irredentism - 17. From the Bullet to the Ballot - 18. Conclusion
   – The Economic and Social Structure of Russia Today (3) - Part one: Struggle for Power in the Two Revolutions: 12. The Made Up Theory - 13. Countries and Revolutions - 14. Back to the Roots: The Manifesto! - 15. Harmonic Structures - 16. From 1848 to the Commune - 17. Social-democratic Revisionism - 18. Only the Opportunism is New - 19. The Socialist Transformation - 20. Power and Economy - 21. Production and Politics - 22. Infamy and Philistines
   – From the Archive of the Left:
      - 5th Congress of IC, 1924, Programme of Action Presented by the Left Minority from the P.C.d’I: 2021 Introduction
   – Summaries of two of the Party’s Latest Meetings:
     - The international party meeting announces Communism against the lies and infamies of the difficult present hour - Meeting Online, 25‑27 September, 2020 [GM138]
     - Communism lives on through our uncorrupted revolutionary science and in the tenacious and organic work of our party, alongside the proletariat, which will recognize itself in today’s battles and in its international emancipatory insurrection - Meeting Online, 29‑31 September [GM139]
     The Hungarian revolution of 1919 - The Military Question: The October Revolution - Reclaiming Rosa Luxemburg for the Communist Left - The concept of dictatorship: in Soviet Russia - The formation of the Indian nation - The Black Question in the United States - Origins of the Workers and Communist Movement in China - The Party’s Trade Union Work


n° 49 - November 2021
   – The Old and New Protectors of the Taliban Government
   – The Labor Movement in the United States of America - Part 12 - The Era of the A.F.L. Begins: The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions - The Clash With the Knights of Labor - The first Steps of the A.F.L. - Continuation of the Fight for 8 Hours - Samuel Gompers - Which Union? - Homestead - The Struggles of the Miners
   – The Economic and Social Structure of Russia Today - Part one (cont.): Struggle for Power in the Two Revolutions: 23. Back to 1914 - 24. Subversion of the "Tendencies"? - 25. The Early Part of the War - 26. War Suits Democracy - 27. Cracks Appear in the Empire - 28. A Warmongering Revolution - 29. A Loss of Direction - 30. A Homeland at Last? - 31. Vladimir Gets Ready to Move Off - 32. The April Fool - 33. Thrills After the Dressing Down
   – Summary of the last Party General Meeting: - Convergence of our groups in the International Party meeting Video-Conference Meeting, 28‑30 May, 2021 [GM140] – Origin of the Communist Party of China - The Party’s trade union activity - The Course of the Global Economy - The Red Army in Germany, 1920 - The Formation of the Indian Nation - Latest Events of the State of Israel’s War on Gaza - The Last Forty Years of Class Struggle in Turkey - The Military Question: The Civil War in Russia - History of the Red International of Labor Unions - The Concept of Dictatorship: Soviets and Factory Councils - Report of the Venezuelan Section; Struggling Bourgeois Factions - The Hungarian Revolution: The Constitution, the Romanian Invasion - The Trade Union Landscape in Quebec - Covid Does Not Stop Rearmament
   – From the Archive of the Left: “On the Thread of Time” - Class, Bureaucracy, State, Party (Il Programma Comunista, 1953):
   – Presentation - Summary
   – The Batrachomyomachia - (no. 10) - 1. Changing the tone - 2. We prefer ignoramuses - 3. A new leading actor - Yesterday: 4. A class defunct from birth - 5. Dialectical atrophy - 6. The relations of production - 7. Missing the point - 8. Terminological cornerstones - 9. The metaphysics of exploitation - Today: 10. State and Revolution - 11. Extinction of the bureaucracy - 12. Iliad and Batrachomyomachia
   – The croaking of praxis (no. 11) - 13. The umpteenth grouplet of innovators - Yesterday: - 14. Two opposing points of view - 15. Lassalle resurrected - 16. Everything smashed to smithereens - Today:
17. Party and Class - 18. From the Manifesto to What is to be done? - 19. Hapless Lenin - 20. Throwing consciousness overboard - 21. A straight and safe line
   – The dance of the puppets: from consciousness to culture (no 12) - 22. Order and Class - Yesterday: 23. Pre-bourgeois societies - 24. Labour aristocracy - 25. Neo-economism - 26. Democracy for internal use only - 27. Madame Consciousness - 28. Ideology of the revolutions - Today: 29. Mademoiselle Culture - 30. Those with the swords have the science


n° 50 - August 2022
   – Ukraine is the Whole World: Lies of war - Defend the aggressed? - Defend democracy? - Defend self‑determination? - Partitioning the world market - War on war
   – The Labor Movement in the United States of America: Part 13. The great crisis of 1893: Unemployment - The Coxey’s Army - Hope travels by train - Eugene Victor Debs - The American Railway Union - The Pullman strike - The praetorians of the GMA arrive - The State of Capital - Class struggle and “prudential unions” - Part 14. The American Federation of Labour takes shape: - The AFL and the class - The AFL and the “underdog” - Other underdogs - Part 15. Capital and Labour at the Dawn of the New Century: The New Century and the “Age of Good Feeling” - The Open Shop - The National Civic Federation - The NCF at work - “Business Unions” - The American Labour Union - Part 16. The Industrial Workers of the World: A summary and a balance sheet - Innovation in the organization - A new general organization of the working class - The Chicago Convention - A missed opportunity - Who and what were the “wobblies” - A balance sheet
   – Summaries of last two Party General Meetings:
   – A doctrine and method that already in the present day points the working class to its communistic denial Video-Conference Meeting, September 24‑26, 2021 [GM141]
   – International Party Meeting Video-Conference Meeting, January 28‑30, 2022 [GM142]
   – Report Abstracts:
 A: Theoretical Topics: Marxist Crisis Theory Theories on Surplus Value, The Physiocrats - Concept and Practice of Dictatorship, The United Front
 B: Historical Topics: The Relations Between the Communist Party of Italy and the International - Towards The War - The Civil War in Italy 1919‑22, The Battle of Novara - The Military Question - The Hungarian Revolution - Red Armies in the Revolution in Germany - Origins of the Communist Party of China - On The History of Afghanistan - History of Kazakhstan - The Profintern Between the First and Second Congress - The Kurdish Question - History of Balochistan - Homosexuality, transgenderism and communism: Brief historical notes
 C: Current Events: Course of the economic crisis - The Afghan policy of the Pakistani State - The Trade in Weapon Systems in the Escalating Inter-imperialist Confrontation - The Crisis in Venezuela - The Pandemic on the Working Class in the USA
 D: Activity of the Party: Hammer and Sickle: Notes on the question of party “log” - The Union Activity of the Party in Italy
   – From the Archive of the Left:
- On the thread of time, The “Battilocchio” in History (1953)
- On the thread of time, Superman Deflate! (1953)
- On the thread of time, Carlylean Phantoms (1953)
- Plaidoyer pour Staline (1956)