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n° 40/41 - 2017
 – An Analysis of October and Perspectives on the Future in a Text by Lenin: Better Fewer but Better ("Pravda", n. 49, March 4, 1923)
 – The Working Class and Irish Nationalism 1. Marxism and the Irish Question: 1) Natural conditions and ancient history of Ireland (Natural Conditions - The Island’s Geology - Soil and Crops - Old Ireland) - 2) The English Conquest of Ireland (Before the Protestant Reformation - The Elizabethan Reconquest - The First National Insurrection - Cromwell’s Campaign in Irelan - Ireland During the American and French Revolutions - 1801-1846 The Age of the Small Peasant - 1846-1870 Extermination by Mass Starvation) - 3) The Irish Question in the First International
 – The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 6) - Fresh Immigration and the Slavery Crisis: The “Negroes who Vote” - The American Party - The Situation Down South - The Northern Working Class and Slavery
 – The Marxist Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall: A Numerical Illustration - What is Surplus-Value Increases?
 – From the Archive of the Left:
     - The Revolutionary Workers Movement and the Agrarian Question (Prometeo, no. 8, November 1947)
     - Contributions to the Organic Representation of the Revolutionary Marxist Theory: Introduction - Multiple Revolutions - The Anti-Capitalist Revolution in the West (Genova meeting, April 26, 1953)
     - The Party Does not Arise from “Circles”: 2017 Introduction - Tenacious and Coherent Party Activity - Activity and Action - Organization and Discipline - Who Benefits? - A Harsh Lesson for All - The Principles of Organization - From Party to “Circles” (Il Partito Comunista, n. 68-69-71, 1980)
 – General Meetings Reports - Combined Summaries (GM122, May 2015 - GM123, Sept 2015 - GM124, Jan 2016 - GM125, May 2016 - GM126, Sep 2016): The ongoing crisis in production, trade and finance - Currency Questions - History of India - Proletarian Rebellion in Italy Following the First World War - The Recent Flow of Migrants Towards Europe - The Military Question: a) The Libya war of 1911, b) The Balkan Wars, c) Towards the First World War, d) The Western Front, e) The Austrian-Serbian Campaign, e) On the Eastern Front, f) The Revolution in Russia - Party activity in Venezuela - Party Union Activity - The succession of modes of production: Ancient-Classical Variant a) Greece, b) Rome - The Concept of Dictatorship Before Marx - History of the Workers’ Movement in the USA - Report on Current Armed Conflicts Among States - Germany 1919-1923, Between Social Democracy and Communism - The Second Post-War Period in the United Kingdom and in Europe - The Hungarian Revolution

n° 38/39 - 2016
– Against the European Union referendum ! The working class can only defend its conditions by class organisation and class struggle: The crisis of capitalism is world-wide - Immigration - “Sovereignty”
– The Tottering Framework of Global Capitalism
– Only by the workers defending their standard of living today can they prepare to destroy the global power of capitalism tomorrow
– The false alternative for the proletariat in Greece
– Introduction  – “Islamic State” creature of the imperialisms  – Kobane: The Kurds in the quagmire of the Middle East
– Theses on the national and colonial question adopted by Second Comintern Congress (1920)
– Communism and the national question, "Prometeo" no.4, April 15, 1924, with 1983 Presentation
– The labour movement in the United States of America (Part 5) Trade union activity resumes: Illusory alternatives - Economic revival in the 1840s
– The usefulness of the latest genetic studies in looking at the prehistory of Britain, which confirms the methods of Marx: The revolution in science and its application to history - The samples used in the genetic study - Comparing UK clusters in relation to Europe
– General meeting reports: GM118, Florence, January 25-26, 2014 - GM119, Genoa, May 24-25, 2014 - GM120, Turin, September 20-21, 2014 - GM121, Florence, January 24-25, 2015


n° 36/37 - July 2014 - June 2015
- Paris attacks: Not a war between races and religions - but preparation for imperialist war
- First of May 2014 - A hundred years after the outbreak of the First imperialist war - Against capitalism and its preparations for a Third - For the resumption of workers’ struggles - For the revolution - For communism: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
- 5/7/2014 - War in Gaza: For the rebirth of a proletarian and communist movement in the Middle East
- 10 september 2014 - The Scottish independence referendum - A blind alley for the working class: The Scottish nationalist “debate”- The Scottish nationalist view of history - Union of the Crowns & union of parliaments - Industrial decline, North Sea oil & the independence debate- The currency issue and the communist position
- Ukraine
   - Introduction
   - The threat of war in Ukraine: The working class in Ukraine must struggle against both the Russian and the Western imperialist fronts and for tomorrow’s international communist revolution
   - Preparations for a future World War: The imperialist machinations in Ukraine - March/April 2014 - The Current Crisis
   - Ukraine: war manoeuvres in Europe
- The Labor Movement in the United States of America (part, 4) - In search of an independent role: First organized economic movements - Political Struggle - The Working Men’s Party
- The Colonial Question - An Initial Balance-Sheet (From Programme Communiste No. 4, July-September 1958)
- New Publication: Factors of Race & Nation in Marxist Theory, 1953
- General Meeting Reports: - Gm114 - Turin, September 22-23, 2012 - Gm115 – Genoa, January 19-20, 2013 - Gm116 – Parma, May 25-26, 2013 - Gm117 – Sarzana, September 21-22, 2013: Trends in the economy - Marxist economic theory -The military question - History of the labour movement in the Usa - Oil and imperialism - The war in Syria - Communism and democracy in the early days of the labour movement in Italy - History of Egypt - The rearming of the States - Towards a study of Indian capitalism - Trade union activity


n° 34/35 - July 2013 - June 2014
- On the Same Road as Always ('Il Partito Comunista', no 1 Sep 1974)
- For the Class Union: Theory - The party - Hitory - Three phases: Prohibition, Tolerance, Subjugation - After the Second World War
- March 2013: The standard of living of all workers (whether employed or not) is under attack
- May the First 2013: Capitalism is now a nauseating corpse. Its economy, political institutions and social superstitions are merely waiting to be buried by its gravediggers - LONG LIVE COMMUNISM!
- Grengemouth - "Unite the Union" prefers collaboration to Class Struggle: The development of the site - The pension fund issue - Shenanigans in Falkirk - The prepared attacks against the Grangemouth workers - Appeals to the Scottish government - Unite's climb-down
- Bangladesh, April 2013: The Latest Victim of Multinational Capitalism
- August 2013: In Egypt the Islamists sacked by the army will remain as a back-up force to be used against the proletariat: The "revolution" of 2011 - The Brotherhood, changing everything to change nothing - The bourgeoisie applauds the coup d'Etat - Todau against Muslims, tomorrow against the proletariat - Bourgeois international solidarity - Only the proletariat can take up the challenge
- In support of the working class struggle in Egypt against the bourgeois State, its army and its lay and Islamic lackeys, enemies one and all
- German angst and the surveillance State: Politicians of all parties diffuse dissent - A “hip” new defence of the surveillance State - “Fighting terrorism”
- Germany - class struggles ahead draw parties closer toghether: The economic background
- Businesses, Banks and States dragged into the vortex of Capital’s Crisis of Overproduction - the Greek case (Part 2): How to save the banks - The solution: socialising the debts - Restructuring or pillage? - Squeezing the Greek proletariat and petit bourgeoisie to gain some time - Rendering the proletariat submissive and exploitable at will - One way out: Revolution!
- Party General Meetings: Party Meeting in Turin 24 and 25 September 2011 [GM111] - General Meeting in Sarzana 21-22 January 2012 [GM 112] - Party General Meeting in Cortona 19-20 May 2012 [GM113]


n° 33 - January-June 2013
- October 2012 - Now Further Attacks on Pensions Proposed in the UK / New Attacks proposed against Pensioners
- In South Africa the Miners Fight On, in the Face of the Bourgeoisie’s Bullets
- The Spanish miners show the European proletariat the right path: indefinite strikes
- The Crisis in Europe, Bourgeois Quacks and We Communists
- Businesses, Banks and States dragged into the vortex of Capital’s Crisis of Overproduction: the Greek case: The Years of Euphoria - Harsh awakening - The Origin of the Crisis - Who Actually Pays Taxes? - The Liabilities of the Banks
- The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 3): A presentation at the January 2007 party meeting in Sarzana (Continued from the previous issue): From Independence to Secession - Early Industrial Development - Workers’ Associations - The Situation of the Working Class
- Report of the Public Meeting held in Liverpool on June 23rd 2012: Presentations - Chairperson’s address - The Historical Need for Communism
- Outside and Against the Existing Trade Unions
- Reunion reports, A condensation of the reports made at general meetings: - The Party’s General Meeting in Cortona 29-30 May 2010 [GM107] - A Busy Working Meeting Parma 18–19 September 2010 [GM108] - A Determined Party Meeting, Florence, 22 and 23rd January 2011 [GM109] - The excellent results that come of impersonal communist work, Genoa, 21-23 May 2011 [GM110]


n° 31-32 - 2012
- From Hiroshima to Fukushima - Not yes or no to nuclear power, but yes or no to capitalism
- The Inter-imperialist Confrontation in Libya
- Economic Crisis and the need to fight it with effective trade-union organisations
- Contributions to the Organic Historical Representation of the Marxist Revolutionary Theory (Reunion of Milan, September 7, 1952): Theory and Action - The immediate revolutionary programme (From the pamphlet, "Sul Filo del Tempo" - n° 1, May 1953)
- The Labor Movement in the United states of America (Part 2), party meeting in Viareggio on June 2006: Intermezzo on the American Revolutions - The Working Class and the War of Independence
- Egyptian Worker’s Speaking Tour - good and less good forms of Solidarity - Postscript: Letter from Wales
- Greece: The Financial crisis in Greece: The Toppling of Capital’s Golden Idols
- For the defence of the Greek proletariat’s living and working conditions against the attack of International capital! - The proletariat must avoid getting drawn into parliamentary games and instead rebuild its own independent class organisations!
- General strike in Greece on the 28th and 29th June: Lessons and wrong trends
- Greece on strike against capital, which is Greek, European and Global
- Interventions in Italy and UK
- Whether they ‘pay their debts’ or not, the employers and all the bourgeois states of Europe are moving onto the attack against the working class - The workers can only defend themselves with a full-scale general mobilisation, by reorganising themselves into a true trade union which fights for class objectives!
- Distributed at the TUC demo against the cuts in London on March 26: For workers’ unity across different sectors! For a General Strike against Capital!
- Public Sector Strikes in England, June 30
- The Public Sector workers’ Strike on November 30
- USA: Attacks on Public Sector Workers on Both Sides of the Atlantic
- Verizon strike / From the Occupy Wall Street Movement to the Blockade of the West Coast ports
- Reunion Reports: Genoa (June 2009), Turin (September 2009), Sarzana (January 2010)


n° 29-30 - 2010/2011
- Through a hail of bullets, the Proletariat in North Africa is Rising up and taking on the Bourgeoisie - This generous, international revolt of the working class will only be consolidated by reinforcing its defensive organisations, the trade unions; by challenging the parties and the liberal and democratic illusions of the petty bourgeoisie; by reconnecting with the Marxist programme and political party, in solidarity with the workers in all countries and against the criminal global reaction of capital - Let the word ring out, so long mystified and prohibited: Communism - The Proletarian Giant shakes Egypt
- The revolt in Tunisia is successful - But now it is menaced by the trap of democracy
- Capitalism, already a nauseating corpse - and the international working class can and must free itself of it - why the crisis is both necessary and useful
- More bloodshed in the Middle East
- Rosarno - an example to all workers: A question of Class and Class struggle, not Race! - Oppose all divisions in the Working Class, For Working class unity! - The struggle of the immigrant labourers is for the whole of the working class
- France - Pension “reforms”: Every defence of national and company interests is a defence of capital’s interests - The old world must give birth to Communism but only the workers struggle can make it happen
- UK: Government cuts are directed against the working class: The TUC’s position on the Unemployed - Divisions within the Ruling Class - To trade union activists!
- Distributed at the TUC demo against the cuts in London on March 26: For workers’ unity across different sectors! For a General Strike against Capital!
- Letter from America: Struggling workers suppressed at the point of the boss’s gun
- The American health reforms: A Nice Gift for the Insurance Companies
- The Workers’ Movement in Modern Iraq, Study presented at the party meetings held between May 2003 and May 2005: The Bourgeois Revolution: The Coup d’état of the Free Officers - Pan-Arabism and nationalism - The Mosul Rebellion - Suppression of the Proletariat - The agrarian question - A belated bourgeois revolution - Caught between nationalism and suppression - Turbulent stabilization - The suicidal tactic of the United Front
- The Labor Movement in the United States of America (Part 1) [GM94]: The point of departure: Servants and Slaves: The Eighteenth Century: Birth of the Urban Proletariat - The Working Class Before Independence
- Franco Ramasso
- Party General Meetings: Party Meeting in Genoa 21-22 September 2007 [GM99] - Return to Sarzana for our working meeting 26-27 January 2008 [GM100] - Working meeting in Turin 24 and 25 May 2008 [GM101] - A Successful General Meeting in Cortona 28-29 September 2008 [GM102] - Party General Meeting in Florence January 31st to February 1st 2009 [GM103] - The Reports: The Military Question - Working class anti-militarism opposed to the Great War - Course of the economy - Origin of the trade unions in Italy - Financial capital - The “Peace process” in Northern Ireland - Imperialism in Iraq - History of the American Labour Movement - Towards a History of religion - Class struggle in the Middle East - Toward a History of Science - Trade union activity - The origins of the Chinese Communist Party - Agrarian collectivism during the Spanish Civil War


n° 27-28 - 2009
- The Capital regime is based on plunder and exploitation: Long may its crisis continue! For class struggle! For Communism!
- December 2008, A Police operation against the proletariat trapped in the Gaza Strip
- Greek youth revolts against a revolting world
- The Workers’ Movement in Modern Iraq (part 1, Report presented at the May 2003 and May 2005 party meetings). Iraq under the monarchy: The social structure - The birth of the trade unions - Communist penetration - Political Crisis in the Thirties - The Coup d’Ètat of 1936 - Iraq in the Second World War - The post-war period - ‘The Leap’, the Revolt of 1948
- A Peace Process in Northern Ireland - in London and Washington’s interest: Irish “Independence”, with England’s blessing - Marx and Engels on the Irish Question
- Marxism and the Unions, The Young Marx and Engels, the Workers, and the Trade-Union struggles, Part 2 (Part 1 in Communist Left 21/22): 6. The ‘young Hegelian’ Engels - 7. Engels arrives in England - 8. The condition of the working class in England - 9. The creation of the industrial working class - 10. The Trade Unions - 11. The Trade Unions and the working class party - 12. Conclusion
- Capitalist Development and the American Civil War, The Civil War as the key moment in the subjugation of the black and white proletariat to the requirements of a rapacious bourgeoisie (part 4, as presented at the September and May 2004 party meetings): The Consequences of the War - The North’s War - Marx and Engels’ stance - The “Reconstruction” and its failure - The missing agricultural reform - “Reconstruction” according to the Radicals - “Redemption” - By way of Conclusion
- Contributions to the Organic Historical Representation of the Marxist Revolutionary Theory (Reunion of Milan, September 7, 1952): The Historical Invariance of Marxism - The False Resource of Activism (From the pamphlet, "Sul Filo del Tempo" - n° 1, May 1953)
- Reunion Reports: Party Meeting at Sarzana [RG97]: Working Class Anti-militarism and the First World War - History of the American workers’ movement - The Jewish Question - Course of the capitalist Economy - Balance sheet of the Iranian “Revolution” - The Military Question – An Excellent Party Meeting in Parma [RG98]: History of the workers’ movement in the Usa, the first organisations - The Origin of the Trade unions in Italy, The Cgil - Course of the Economy - The military question, feudalism - The Jewish question, the 30 pieces of silver.


n° 25-26 - autumn 2007/summer 2008
- China, “Communist Variant” of capitalism
- Communist International - Two Reports on Fascism by the delegate of the Communist Party of Italy: Introduction (2008) - 4th Congress, 1922 - 5th Congress, 1924
- Fascism and Antifascism
- The Italian Left and the International (part 10 - continued from Communist Left, no.19-20): IV - The Founding of the Communist Party of Italy: Livorno 1921: IV.3 - The political tendencies inside the PSI: b. The Maximalists (cont.) - c. The Communist Fraction: The Milan Meeting of October 15th - An Historical Necessity - b - The Imola Congress - c. Towards the Communist Party
- Capitalist Development and the American Civil War (Part 3): The Civil War as the key moment in the subjugation of the black and white proletariat to the requirements of a rapacious bourgeoisie: A War of Long Duration - The Crucial Year - The “March to the Sea” - The Emancipation of the Slaves - The White Proletariat
- Life of the Party, Reunion Reports: – A Productive Party Meeting at Viareggio, June 3-4, 2006 [RG95]: The Crisis of Capital - The Rearming of the States - The American Workers’ Movement - Balance Sheet of the Islamic “Revolution” - Italy: Bigotted and Machiavellian - The origin of the trade unions in Italy - Anti-militarism in the Workers’ movement - The Jewish Question – Working Meeting in Turin, September 23-24, 2006 [RG96]: Chronology of Lebanese history - Course of the Economy - The Jewish question
- Giandomenico


n° 23-24 - spring 2006/winter 2007
- The war in the Middle East and the Destruction of Lebanon
- The Courageous strike of the Teheran tram-drivers
- Struggles in France against the latest attacks on job security, January-March 2006
- Our Last Farewell to Fortunato Benedetti
- Marking Out the Foundations (Prometeo, No 1, 1946)
- Schematic Chronology of the Chinese National Epic: Gestation and revolutionary anguish - Anti-imperialist Revolution-Anti-communist Counter-revolution - 1949: The birth of the Popular Republic - The colossal agrarian problem - Struggles inside the Party-State - China becomes part of the imperialist chess-game
- The Italian left and the International: The Imola congress, Towards the communist party,
- Capitalist Development and the American Civil War (Part 2): The last year of peace - The 1860 elections - Secession - The deployment of forces - Total War
- UK: A Strike Against the Latest Attack on Workers Pensions, March 2006
- UK: "Left" Trade Union Leaders avoid the Class struggle: Vauxhall Strike at Ellesmere Port in May - The Shop Floor Workers walk-out - No Sign of Class Struggle from the 'Left' TU Leaders
- Reunion Reports: An Excellent Party Meeting at Cortona, 1-2 October 2005 [RG93]: Antimilitarism and the Workers' Movement - Italian Ideology, The Post-resistance Bloc - Origin of the trade unions in Italy: Fascism and War - Course of the Crisis - Iran, balance sheet of the “Islamic Revolution” - The War in Iraq - The Jewish Question, Universalisms in Conflict
- The Spring 2006 Meeting at Parma [RG94]: American Workers' Movement - Origin of the Trade Unions in Italy - Italic history and ideology - Iran, balance-sheet of the “Islamic revolution” - The History of Modern Iraq - The Jewish Question


n° 21-22 - spring 2005/winter 2006
- Comrade Livio has Passed Away
- New Orleans, Ignorance-Impotence-Rapacity
- Terrorism, Anti-Proletarian in Two Senses: The Iraqi working class and the various guises of its bourgeois enemy - The terrorist attack in Madrid - Terrorist Attacks in London - Bourgeois Terrorism against the International Proletariat
- Iraq, Against collaborationists and resistance fighters: "Errors", or a necessity? - Towards the Destruction of the Unitary State - The Social Situation and the Task of the Proletariat
- Theses on the Chinese Question, "Marseilles Theses", 1964: Introduction - The Revolutions of the East: Character and Perspectives - Democracy and the Proletariat: The National Question - From the Russian Revolution to the Canton Commune: the Revenge of the Mensheviks - Peasant "Socialism" and the "New" Democracy - Impotent Petit-Bourgeois Reformism - Rivalries in the Bourgeois East
- Marxism and the unions (Part 1): Introduction - 1. The "young Hegelian" Marx - 2. Marx and the "Rheinische Zeitung" - 3. The proletariat identified as the revolutionary class - 4. The Paris Manuscripts - 5. Labour in a post-capitalist society
- Capitalist Development and the American Civil War, The Civil War as the key moment in the subjugation of the black and white proletariat to the requirements of a rapacious bourgeoisie, Report presented to the May 2002 and January 2003 Party Reunions: The United States in the mid Nineteenth Century - North and South - The 'Peculiar' Institution - The Missouri Compromise - The Midwest - The 1850s, The Decisive years
- Reunion reports: An intense party meeting, Cortona, 2-3 October 2004 [RG90]: Marxist Economy - The Self-knowledge of the Italian Bourgeoisie - Anti-militarism and the Workers' Movement - The History of Modern Iraq - The Jewish Question Today - Trade Union Work amongst the Railway Workers. Working meeting at Florence, January 29th and 30th, 2005 [RG91]: Course of capitalism - History of modern Iraq - Origins of trade unions in Italy - Russian capitalism, post 1991
- Mass Sackings and Wildcat Strikes at Heathrow
- Heads roll in the UK unions


n° 19-20 - 2004
- Iraq: War as Form of Government
- The Counter-Revolution and the Spanish Imperialist War, Three articles from Bilan (1936-37): Foreword (translated form Il Partito Comunista, no.148, April 1986) - The "Popular Front" triumphs in Spain (Bilan no. 28, March-April 1936) - Against the imperialist front for the massacre of Spanish workers we must oppose the class front of the international proletariat (Bilan no. 34, August-September 1936) - The Spanish imperialist war and the massacre of the asturian miners (Bilan no. 44, October-November 1937)
- June 1944 - Manifesto of the Communist left to the proletarians of Europe
- The Italian Left and the Communist International (Part 9, Proletarian struggles betrayed by the PSI and the CGL: The political tendencies inside the PSI - The Turatian right - The Maximalists)
- Towards the Rebirth of the Working Class trade Union (from "Il Partito Comunista", no.205, 1992)
- Origins and History of the English Workers Movement (Part 6, Karl Marx and the Chartists: The Communist League - The last days of the Chartism)
- UK - Workers frustration and Outbursts of Strikes headed off by the Union Leaders: Preparing for the 2003 Trades Union Congress - Discontent contained at the TUC - A Late Autumn Strike Wave - The Response of the Postal - Workers - Other Workers in Dispute (December 2003)
- Usa - The Southern California grocery strike Portrait of a regime union in action
- Party Interventions: Italy: The public transport workers' strike An example for all workers (3 December, 2003) - Usa: Solidarity with striking and locked-out grocery workers For a class union (February 2004) - Usa: Ignore the elections Unleash the class war.


n° 18 - Summer-Autumn 2003
- Against Capitalist War! Against Capitalist Peace!
- Social and Class issues underlie the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy
- The Italian Left and the Communist International (Part 8): The Trade Union Question - The Italian Question - The Formation of the National Sections - The Founding of the Communist Party of Italy: Livorno 1921
- Origin and History of the English Workers Movement (Part 5, Chartism, 1837-1847: The National Convention -The Newport rebellion - The National Charter Association - The Great General Strike of 1842 - O'Connor's Landplan, The last gasp or Utopianism)
- On Marxism, Law and Revolution: Academic Acrobatics - Structure and Superstructure - The Abolition or the Withering Away of the State? - Victory of Communism, Not of Socialist Law - The Legal Structure of the October Revolution - Gramsci on State and law
- Report from the USA, False security: Iraq and Beyond - Union struggles
- Increased Exploitation in the UK Postal Service: The Reaction of the Communication Workers Union - Union cooperation in the restructuring plans - How the Redundancies will take place.


n° 17 - Special edition - Six Articles on Disasters and the Nature of Capitalism - (£2/$5)
- Introduction - Filling and bursting of bourgeois civilization - Murder of the dead - The legend of the Piave - Weird and wonderful tales of modern social decadence - The doctrine of the body possessed by the devil - The spirit of horse-power (Articles originally published in Battaglia Comunista nos. 23 and 24, 1951; il Programma Comunista no. 20, 1963; no. 17, 1956; Battaglia Comunista no. 21, 1951; il Programma Comunista no.5, 1953, respectively).


n° 15-16 - Spring-Summer 2002 - (£2/$5)
- The Capitalist regime uses Terrorism and anti-terrorism to force the Proletariat into the Third Imperialist War
- A “Peace Process” for Capitalism in Ireland
- Origin and History of the English Working Class (Part 4, The beginning of the 19th century: Economy and subordinated classes - Political Unrest - The Radical Movement - First Unions of Industrial Workers - Utopian Reformism - Trade Union Legality)
- Biodiversity and Capitalism, Part 2 - The rain forests
- The Italian left and the International (part 7 - The Communist Party and Parliamentarism
- UK: A Further Integration of the Unions into the State
- Chaos and Disruption in the British Postal System
- Manchette (What Distinguishes Our Party)
- Reunion Report - Genoa, 26-27 May 2001.


n° 14 - Autumn 2000 - (£1/$2.50)
- Algeria, Yesterday and Today
- The Explosive Potential of the Indonesian Working Class
- The Italian left and the International (part 6)
- Origin and History of the English Working Class: Emergence of the Proletarian Movement (Part 3: 1780-1815, Emergence of the proletarian movement - London Corresponding Society - Mutinies - Luddism - First Trade Unions)
- UK: Carworkers under Attack
- Biodiversity and Capitalism, Part 1
- Deadly Embraces (an article about our attitude towards other groups 'on the Left')
- Reunion report.


n° 12/13 - Summer 1999 - (£2/$5)
- Origin and History of the English Workers Movement (Part 2: the Bourgeois Revolution
- The Italian Left and the International (part 5)
- Communist Organisation and Discipline (Prometeo 1924)
- Notes on the opposition between capitalist and socialist economics
- A growing anger at the Trade Union leaders
- The Liverpool dockers dispute, a summing up (or how not to conduct a strike)
- Yet another appalling TUC annual General Gathering
- Australia: Wharfies still under attack
- Articles on disputes in the USA: All-out strike at General Motors. A nice test of strength by the New York buiding workers
- Leaflets on the Kosovo war: Down with the imperialist war! Now as before, war on war


n° 10-11 - 1997 - (£2/$5)
- Origins and History of the English Workers Movement (part 1: Primitive accumulation)
- Articles on the 1926 General Strike. Introduction. The tactics of the Comintern: 1) Anglo-Russian Committee (1926). "Mac Donald in Power" - Prometeon° 20, 1929. "Capitalism's mortal Crisis" - Prometeo n°5, 1928. How to write history: a Critique of Hobsbawn. Position of the Left at the Sixth Enlarged ECCI (1926). The Comintern and the United Front
- Archives: introduction. The Balkan war (1912). Interventions.


n° 9 - Autumn 1995 - (£1/$2.50)
- British Labour Dumps Fake Socialism
- Theses on the Trade Unions in Britain
- The tactic of affiliating the CPGB to the Labour Party
- Notes on the history of the Left: Stalinism's Victory over the Oppositions
- From the Left's Archives: Letter to Korsch from the Left in October 1926
- The Italian Left and the International (part 4) - The struggle for a split in the Italian Socialist Party
- Party Reunions
- The signal workers strike against Railtrack, June -September 1994.


n° 8 - Autumn 1994 - (£1)
- The battle against the destruction of the Party - Introduction
- From the Archives of the Left: The Fraction's letter to the International secretariat, 1930
- Straightening Dogs' legs ("Le gambe ai cani", Battaglia Comunista, n°11, 1952. Introduction and Preface of the the 1952 edition)
- Reunion Report: Turin, 2 & 3 October 1993
- The need for workers' economic organizations
- Current Events: Leaflet on Unemployment. Lecturers Strike. Postal workers strike.


n° 7 - April-September 1993 - (60p)
- The burial of the CPGB, A question of traditions: Backgrounds of the organisations involved in the formation of the CPGB
- The Italian Left and the Communist International (part 4): The great proletarian struggles and their repercussions on the party - Impotence and inefficiency of the PSI - The Bologna congress of the Psi (5/8 October 1919), Victory for the Maximalists and Reformists, Foundation of the Communist Abstentionist Fraction
- Sylvia Pankhurst, Report on the 1919 Bologna Congress of the Socialist Party of Italy: Introduction - Red Bologna: The Italian socialist congress - Revolutionary idea accept by Italian Socialist movement - The taunt of Treves, A reminder to the British - Lazzari's motion - Serrati's motion - The Abstentionist's resolution - The rise of the abstentionist movement in Italy - Bordiga predicts a split.
- Current Events: The Season of Strikes in Italy - A Summing Up;  Britain - The Axe still Hangs Over the Mines: The Campaign against the Pit Closures - Heated Discussions Within the Ruling Class - What Now for the Miners
- Life of the party:  - Fight the pit closures! Keep up the class struggle! (Text of leaflet distributed on
TUC’s ‘Day of Action’, April 2nd) –  The agony of capitalism in its cyclical crises (public meetin)
- Information for our readers 


n° 6 - July-December 1992 - (60p)
- Marxism and the workers movement in Britain (part 4/4): 4. The fake socialism of Cooperative Trading - 5. Cooperative Labour
- Auschwitz the Big Alibi, 1960 - with 1987 Introduction
- Race and Class
- The Italian Left and the Communist International (part 3)11. The Italian Party (P.S.I.) and its abstentionist fraction, 1919-1920: 1. The origins of the extreme left current, 1864-1914 - 2. The 1914-18 war: struggle of the Left against the inertia and deiviations of the PSI leadership
- Interview with Sylvia Pankhurst on the situation in England (published in Il Soviet in 1919): Introduction - Communist thought and action in the 3rd International, The situation in England: Parliament and direct action
- The Party and the Trade Unions. A general outline of the party’s activity in the Trade Unions
- The imperialist war in Sarajevo: A massacre inflicted on the working class by capitalist interests - The proletariat can rebel against the war
- New publication: Revolution and counter-revolution in Russia


n° 5 - January-June 1992 - (60p)
- US Riots, American Dream Under Fire
- Yugoslavia: Not ethnic war but global imperialist conflict - Serbia another Sarajevo?
- Russia: Liquidators liquidated
- Nature and communist revolution: 1. The "ruin of all classes" - 2. The fetish character of the commodity - 3. Mystical Body - 4. Communist mysticism - 5. From the truly great economy to the truly great ecology
- An historical outline of the Union movement in Argentina
- The Italian Left and the Communist International (part 2)
- Three texts of the Italian Left on anarchism: Socialism and anarchy, Il Soviet, no. 13, 16-3-1919; Socialists and anarchists, Il Soviet, no. 2, 11-1-1920; Bolshevism defamed by the anarchists, Il Soviet, no. 15, 23-5-1920
- A successful general reunion of the party at Turin
- Current Events: London Underground Strike, Underground tremors hit capital; Ignore the elections, Continue the struggles (Leaflet on the Election in the U.K.)


n° 4 - 1991 - (60p)
- Revolutionary Marxism and the War in the Gulf
- The Party's Classical Theses and Evaluations on war (part 2)
- The Italian Left and the Communist International 1919-1926 (part 1) - 1. The founding Conference of the Communist International: 1. Historical necessity - 2. The letter if invitation to the congress - 3. The foundin Congress, Moscow 2-6, March 1919, The Founding Proclamation
- Italy - The Metalworkers: Caught in the vice between Bosses and Unions
- Reunion Reports: Reunion of the Party, June 2-3 - The Party Reunion at Bolzano, September 29-30: The origins of the Communist Party in Great Britain - Report on the Russian economy - Communism and ecology - Preparations for the Gulf War - The Party-Class relationship - History of the Communist Left, 1928-1930 - The Communist Left and the Third International
- "Practical" Socialists, by William Morris (1923) - Introduction
- Current Events: Argentinian telephone workers settle accounts with peronism - Change of scenary in Argentina – Liverpool - Assault on all fronts against the workers: Attacks against Local Council workers - The attack of the "moderates"


n° 3 - July-December 1990 - (60p)
- Editorial: Against all fatherlands
- Marxism and the workers movement in Britain (part 3/4): - 3. Cooperation: The Bourgeois Phase
- The party's classical theses and evaluation on war (part 1)
- Reunion report: Profitable work on the 3rd-4th February 1990: History of the Communist Left. 1926/27 - Evaluation of the economy and current events in Russia - Critique of Bourgeois and economy - Marx’s "Historical notes on commercial capital" - The Party’s activity in the Cobas - Communist and ecology
- Unofficial Union Organizes strike in oil-fields
- Big stick in Poplar (1923) by Sylvia Pankhurst
- Currents events: Anti-poll tax campaign. Gulf imperialist conflict.


n° 2 - January-June 1990 - (60p)
- CPGB lurching into oblivion
- Roast beef of Old England
- Marxism and the workers movement in Britain (part 2/4): Economics and the proletarian critique: Class struggle by the new industrial working class - Plan for the reorganisation of society - Limits and collapse of utopian socialism
- On the Thread of Time: Introduction. Marxism of the stammerers
- Life of the party: Reunion report, Bolzano, October 1989
- Current events: Transport strikes in Australia. Poll tax riots - Ruling class says "No" to violence. Trial and terror in the U.K.


n° 1 - July-December 1989 - (60p)
- Marxism and the English Workers Movement (part 1/4): The English traditions - Origins of Marxism - Defeats and reorganisation - The First International - Trade Union bureaucrats’ defection
- Ireland, Sinn Fein: from the bullet to the ballot?
- Union question: Introduction, Evolution and dynamic of the union form - The party and the Cobas
- Current events: The "modernization" of the Labour Party, or the emperor's new clothes. - The bourgeoisie and the "social peace", East and West