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N° 1 - May 2015
– Lessons from the five month miners’ strike in South Africa: Apartheid - 500,000 workers - Machine gun fire on strikers - Electoral circus - NUMISA calls off strike - “Anti-communist” - Strikes “damage capital” - A victory for the international working class - Compromise - Rebuild class-based trade unions
– May Day 2015 - Workers have nothing to lose but their chains and a world to win - As capitalism prepares for a new world war it has nothing to offer the proletariat but poverty - The workers must defend their standard of living today so they can destroy the global power of capitalism tomorrow!
– Pioltello (Italy), 8 June, 2014 - For the Territorial reorganisation of the Working Class
– Report on Rank and File Movements in Italy

N° 2 - October 2015
– Rome, June 8, 2015 - The Cgil attack picketing strikers - Defending and organizing the workers’ struggle
– First Congress of SI Cobas – Our Comrade’s Intervention
– For the international solidarity of the exploited of every race and country!
– Germany - GDL betrays train divers

N° 3 - May 2016
– May Day 2016 - Under the capitalist regime there can be no peace between States - So let there be war between classes!
– Paris attacks: Bourgeois terrorism
– Uniting the struggle of the international working class
– Italy - No “Christmas truce” for the struggles of the SI Cobas: Against police and regime unions
– Airbus production moved to USA
– Democratic Tunisia can’t stop the revolt of the unemployed
– Proletarians against bourgeois in Palestine

N° 4 - September 2016
– Demonstrations in France against the El Khomri law and the ambiguous attitude of the CGT
– Italy: Ikea workers divided in struggle - Introduction - Italian Base Unions still divided - Still opposing the Base Unions - Class murder
– UK: Brexit was no “working class revolt”: The rise of UKIP - Racism for dividing the oppressed - Britain votes out - What happens next? - Britain is in no position to negotiate - The Disunited Kingdom - Brexit and the working class
– Questions from the Usa on the SI Cobas and the Trade Unions

N° 5 - March 2017
– USA: After the Nightmare of the Election in the USA and the Dissection of its Corpse
– USA: Against Trump or Against Capitalism: Democracy is Fascism, Fascism is Democracy - Community or Class? - Immigration - Build Working Class Resistance: Class Unionism - Build Working Class Resistance: Need for Class Party
– United Kingdom: Strikes on Southern Rail: Trouble on London Underground - The Fundamental Issue of Safety of Driver Only Trains
– Venezuela: Report by our Comrades: Crisis, Inflation and Workers Struggle - On the Situation in the Coast of Carabobo State (Puerto Cabello and Moron)
– Venezuela: Plain Speaking about Chavismo and Anti-chavismo: A path to Socialism? - A Struggle Against the Bourgeoisie? - Anti-imperialism? - Do they Govern in the Workers’ Interests? - A Struggle Between Capitalism and Socialism? - Nothing New under the Sun

N° 6 - June 2017
– Grenfell Tower: A Monstrous Crime against the Working Class
– May First 2017 - International Workers’ Day - In the Face of Threats of Imperialist War - Return to the Class Struggle, to October, to Communism - History repeats itself
– One Day Strikes and Solidarity on British Railways
– A Determined Bus Drivers Strike in Ireland
– Italy - SI Cobas: Class Conflict in Modena
– The need for an International Organisation of Port Workers
– The Decline of the United Kingdom: the End of its Empire in a European Context

N° 7-8 - May 2018
– May First 2018: Against Capitalism"s Wars - For Working Class Organization and Struggle - For Revolution and Communism
– Solidarity with West Virginia School Workers
– The US national strategy presented by President Trump, December 18, 2017
– On Charlottesville: Our Stance on Anti-Fascism
– Venezuela: The Inter-Bourgeois Political Confrontation Pushes the Proletariat Away from the Struggle for Its True Historical Objectives
– From Germany: On the IG Metall Agreement
– Where the Proletariat Rebels - Class struggles in Tunisa, Sudan and Iraqi Kurdistan
Reports on Italian Rank-and-File Unions:
– Two General Strikes in Italy: The ICP’s February 23rd Leaflet - February 24 Leaflet: Outside and Against of the Election Farce: Resume the Class Struggle
– The Second National Congress of the USB: Introduction - A short history of the Unione Sindacale di Base (USB) - USB Congress Report: Another ‘One Motion Congress’
– A Guide: To be used to identify the (unfortunately) numerous Rank and File Unions in Italy

N° 9 - August 2018
– Threats of Trade Tariffs Already Deny the Bourgeois Illusions of War-Free Imperialism
– USA: The Profit of Destruction
– Behind the Farce of the 19th Congress of the Chinese "Communist" Party, The Power and the Frailty of a Great Imperialist Country: From Mao to Deng, National Independence and Capitalist Development - The Agrarian Reform - Xi Jinping and Chinese Imperialism - The New Silk Road - Recent Tensions
– UK: Fast Food Workers Out on May Day: Done with the Tories or Done with Capitalism? - What will come next? - An Arduous but Necessary Struggle
– Strikes and the Situation in Brazil
– Even in Nicaragua, the Blood of the Proletariat is Exposing “Socialism of the 21st Century”
– Class Struggles in Israeli Ports
– No Job Security if you’re in the Working Class: Report from the Second Congress of the USB (continued from previous issue: Oppose Class Divisions by Organizing on a Territorial Basis - Real Centralization or Organizational Rigidity? - The Union and the ‘Social Movements’ - The ‘Social Issues Federation’ - The Trade Union Movement and the Political Parties - Trade Union and “Political Role” - The real “Political” Objectives of the USB Leadership - Conclusion

N° 10 - November 2018
– The Rearmarment of Imperialism
– Construction Workers in Turkey face Bourgeois Tyranny
– Another Proletarian Uprising in Basra
For the Class Union:
– Aluminium Strike in Western Australia
– Letter from the US - A Report from the "Rank-and-File: Organizing the Service Industry
– Two Major Strikes in the UK
– Report on Striking Marriott Workers Across the US

N° 11 - January 2019
– Yellow Vests Movement in France: The Big Fear is that the Working Class will Move
– Brexit - no way out for the British Bourgeoisie: Falling EU immigration: a Pyrrhic victory for the populists - Ireland - The Need for a Working Class Response
– Hungarian Slavery Act
For the Class Union:
– On Immigration
– ICP Intervention on Immigration - Distributed at a Rank and File Union demonstration in Rome, Saturday 15 December: Against the attack on the conditions of all workers, natives and immigrants! - Against the “Security Decree!” - For a United Working Class Trade Union Front!
– Canada post on strike!

N° 12 - March 2019
– In the War Hotbed of the Middle East
– Cuba: Reforms to State Capitalism
– Venezuelan Regional Meeting
– Organic Centralism: How and Why
For the Class Union
– Wildcat Strikes in Mexico
– Dockers of Puerto Cabello fight for a Wage Increase
– 8th of March 2019 - Only with Communism will Women come into their own

N° 13 - May 2019
– May 1, 2019, Proletarians have no Country, they are the International Working Class!
– Report on the Mass Movement in Sudan
– For the Class Union
– Sit-ins in the Quebec Health Sector: Women at the Forefront
– IWW Summit and Strikes in Great Britain
– Workers Shutdown the US Government Shutdown
– Italy, 6 April 2019 - Class Solidarity

N° 14 - July 2019
– The New Silk Road: The Colonizers Colonized
– Unite Working Class Struggles with an United Class Union Front, Meetings held by the ICP in Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome, October-November 2016: The Current Situation; The Party’s Conduct towards Trade Unions in Italy after the War; The Necessary Unification of Workers’ Struggles; Base Unionism; Opposing Conceptions on the Nature of Strikes; United Class Union Front; Trade Union Struggle and Political Struggle
– The Only Defense of Dock Workers is in the Unity of Working Class Struggle - To the Port Workers of Genoa

N° 15 - September 2019
– The Stresses, Strains and Chaos of Brexit: That Margaret Thatcher started it - Political crisis - The Republic of Ireland - Democracy has no answer
– Letter from North Ireland
– Hong Kong working class needs to fight for itself against patriots and autonomists: "One country, two systems" - The decline of the former colony - Social causes of protests - Neither democracy nor Chinese homeland
– CUNY, The Educators’ Struggle is the Workers’ Struggle!
– Elections in Israel: The abstentionism of the Party against the fraud
– Environmental Disaster can only be Stopped Through Class Struggle and the Destruction of Capitalism

N° 16 - November 2019
– Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan: Still Clashes among Regional and World Imperialism
– Chile: The great fear of the world bourgeoisie - The Awakening of the Lebanon: The Proletariat has Taken to the Streets
– The Strike at General Motors
– ICP Leaflet: City University of New York Teachers Negotiations
– Rome, Saturday October 26: For a class union front
– Marco Giacomelli

N° 17 - January 2020
– The Dead End of Inter‑Class Street Protests
– UK Election Solves Nothing
– French General Strike
– Montreal Port Struggle
– Lock‑out at ABI Bécancour: A Year of Usual Capitalist Contempt
– Wobbles

N° 18 - March 2020
– For Anti‑Militarism and Proletarian Internationalism
– State of the American Presidential Elections
– On the Coming Economic Crisis
– Against Bosses, the Bourgeois State and Regime Unionism
– To Readers in Quebec
– Wobbles
– The Great Lessons of 1917

N° 19 - April 2020
– The pandemic is not above the classes
– Covid-19 treatment for capitalism means no relief for the working class
– Coronavirus vs. Capitalism
– Pandemics, Profits and Proles
– Wobbles
– Vitoria (Spain): Work ’Cannot go on like this’
– Letter from a Machinist in Wisconsin Regarding Work Continuation
– Rank and File Mechanics Actions at American Airlines

N° 20 - May 2020
– May Day 2020: World Capitalism, Only Concerned with its own Survival, Exploits and Abandons the Working Class to the Contagion - Capitalism can and Must be Overthrown Everywhere
– Coronavirus measures - UK - We are Not in this Together!
– For The Class Union
– The price of oil collapses - In deflation the material itself rebels against its commodity form

N° 21 - June 2020
– Racism Protects the Capitalist System - Only the Working Class can Eradicate it: Take Action Against Racist Violence - Form Workers’ Assemblies - Force Businesses to improve immediate conditions - Support the protests - The working class has the power to transform society
– The Dangerous Implications of the Collapse of Oil Prices
– Raleigh’s reaction to the Uprising - A Struggle Between a Working-Class Movement and Bourgeois Collaboration
– Prison Revolts Around The World: Imprisoned Workers Suffer Under Emergency Measures
– From the archives: American Dream under Fire (Communist Left No.5 January-June 1992)

N° 22 - July 2020
– Internationalism Will Defeat Racism! The Juneteenth Port Workers’ Strike
– Against Class Collaboration, For a Proletarian Anti-Racist Movement
– The Imaginary "General Strike" on May 1
– Action by Agricultural Workers in Yakima, Washington
– Walk-Out at Portland Whole Foods: The Pandemic Demands Class Consciousness

N° 23 - August 2020
– Two Months of Protests in Portland, Oregon: Trump the Fascist? - The Direction of Militarized Policing - More fluid tactics
– The Attorney General’s “Anti‑Extremism” Task Force
– Only the workers’ struggle against capitalist exploitation will overcome the social subjugation of race, nationality, gender, religion: The same commodity in different containers - What is the class answer?
– The Class Struggle and Imperialist Conflict in Hong Kong: Trade Unions in Hong Kong - Proletarians Defend Bourgeois Interests - The Necessity for Class Autonomy
– Tensions on Chinese-Indian Border: Historical Relations between Imperialist Powers - The Present Situation is Unstable
– For the Class Union: Bath, Maine - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Montreal, Quebec - Portland, Oregon

N° 24 - September 2020
– Fascism Can Never Solve the Crisis of Capitalism: A Historical Perspective: The Communist Party of Italy’s, Report on Fascism presented to the Fourth Congress of the Communist International in 1922
– U.S. and Chinese Imperialisms Face Off at the Taiwan Strait: U.S. Protection - The US-Iranian co-management of Iraq - Partial folding
– The temporary withdrawal of the United States from the Middle East
– For a Clear Distinction Between Unions and Political Parties
– Port Workers Strike in Montreal

N° 25 - October 2020
– Against the Electoral Circus: For the Class Struggle!
– Lenin and Abstentionism (from “Il Soviet” 1920)
– A Monstrous Alien Force
– U.S. and Chinese Imperialisms Face Off at the Taiwan Strait (part 2)
– Port Workers Strike in Montreal (Update)
– Reject your Heroes, reject the NBA’s False Message!
– Las empresas, sus gobiernos y los sindicatos del regime se unen para defender la plusvalia y la ganancia

N° 26 - November 2020
– Class Struggles Win. Elections Don’t
– War in Armenia and Azerbaijan
– In Belarus: Behind the Scenes a Strong Working Class Keeps on Pushing
– Letter from Turkey
– Letter from Wisconsin
– Against Political Fronts and Reformist Illusions: A leaflet distributed at strikes in Rome and Milan, Oct. 2020
– Lockout at Jean Coutu: Leaflet in Quebec, Oct. 2020: Lockout at the distribution center - The lockout, this employer violence - The problem of corporatist unionism and regime unions - Solidarity, the workers’ only lever

N° 27 - December 2020
– Pandemics and World Capitalism - Communism Will Liberate Science to Serve Humanity: The Road Ahead
– The Origins of the Nigerian Uprising
– Covid in the UK
– Nurses Strike in Alberta
– High Speed

N° 28 - January 2021
– Protests in France - For the abolition of capital and wage labor! Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!
– A Cure for Capitalism - the Covid‑19 Vaccines and the Economic Crisis
– The Rise of Amazon
– Lenin, the Organic Centralist - New Translation from Our Party - The Formation of the Bolshevik Party
– Pennsylvania Nurses Strike

N° 29 - February 2021
– Heart of Democracy: The Riot at the U.S. Capitol
– India - Between Peasant Protests and Workers’: Strikes: A great general strike contained by opportunism - The new laws on agriculture and peasant protest - Indian agriculture - The dramatic condition of the peasantry - The peasant movement and its contradictions
– Trans-Pacific Partnership: Revived as CPTPP
– 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Italy

N° 30 - March 2021
– For Women’s Freedom, For Communism! - International Working Women’s Day
– Amazon, There Will Be No Justice - There is Just Us!: Yes to Bessemer Amazon Union, No to Service Unionism - Workers! Don’t Give Up Your Power: Strikes and other Work Actions - Turn Solidarity Actions Into Direct Actions - Build the Class Union - Internationalize the Struggle, Make Common Cause with Amazon Workers In Canada, Germany, Italy, UK
– Europe’s Vaccine Wars, The First Shots in a Wider Trade War: The trade war gathers speed
– The Draghi Government in Italy: Apparent Democracy, Reigning Fascism
– Gamestop, Reddit, and the Failure of the Bourgeois Left

N° 31 - April 2021
– The Coup in Burma and the False Promises of Democracy
– Strikes and Repression in Piacenza and Prato, Italy - ICP Leaflet to Prato Textile Workers, March 20
– Istanbul Municipal Workers Strike Against Social-Democratic Bosses: What happened? - What should be done?
– Disaster at Georgia Poultry Plant

N° 32 - May 2021
– May Day 2021: Only World Revolution Can Stop the Crisis of Capitalism
– Daunte Wright: Against Democratic Racism - For General Class Struggle
– Anger Erupts in Northern Ireland
– UK “Slaveroo” Riders Strike Over Pay and Working Conditions
– Amazon: Bessemer (Alabama, USA) - A Referendum Used Against the Workers’ Struggle

N° 33 - June 2021
– May 15, 2021, Israel-Palestine: A War on Behalf of Bourgeois States
– On the Repeal of Abortion in Poland
– Covid-19: Overcoming Global Vaccine Inequality
– Port of Montreal: Capitalism needed a special law to put an end to the strike
– On the Suez Canal Debacle
– CUBA: Bringing Order to their Capitalism
– For The Class Union: - Australia, Pakistan, Serbia, Spain - ICP Leaflet Distributed in Venezuela: Fight for an Increase in Wages

N° 34 - Juli 2021 - pdf - printable
– “We’re Not Backing Down” - Working Class Confidence Grows: Volvo Trucks - Warrior Met Coal - Health Care Strikes: “Summer of Chaos” - Marathon Petroleum - Restaurants, Groceries and Food Manufacture - Donuts! - Fritos! - Pickles! - Hooters! - Burgers! - Kroger! - Public Workers: New Orleans - Elizabeth City, North Carolina - Concluding Remarks
– Welcome to the HeatDome
– Bourgeois Construction: The Florida Building Collapse
– Death and Justice in Capitalism
– UK Electricians’ struggle - A powerful end to a decade long fight: Another attempt at introducing deskilling role - Final Round in Gateshead
– The Division of Powers in Bourgeois Democracy
– For The Class Union - Italy: June 18, A United National Strike of Logistics Workers - For the unitary strike of rank-and-file trade unions in logistics! - For the establishment of the United Class Union Front!
– The Murder of a SI Cobas Militant: The Perpetrator is the Bourgeois Regime!

N° 35 - August 2021 - pdf - printable
– Cuba’s proletariat in revolt against capitalism’s crises
– Italian national demonstration at GKN-auto
– Greenwashing in China
– Catastrophic flooding in north-western Europe, another environmental crisis: The Eifel, a cursed land - Floods in China and Turkey - Capitalism has no solution
– A century after the occupation of factories in Italy: The context - Occupied factories and armed proletarians - Not a proletarian offensive, not a bourgeois offensive - Guaranteed reformism - After the betrayal of social democracy - After a hundred years
– For the class union: Frito Lay strike - USA fast food workers - Brazilian rail workers - Colombian protests

N° 36 - September 2021 - pdf - printable
– Afghanistan: Return of the Taliban
– 20 Years Since September 11th
– Mexico: Cooking Gas Prices Rise and Wages remain in the ditch
– Vax / No-vax
– Constitutional Wrangles and Election Hysteria: The 2020 Presidential Campaign - The so-called January 6th Insurrection - The Military and other State agencies begin their work - Further discrediting of the Election process
– For the Class Union: Quebec Health Care Workers - Greece, New Labor Law - Pakistan, Recen Labour News - Germany, Railroad Strikes

N° 37 - October-November 2021 - pdf - printable
– The Growing Crisis of the Capitalist System Pushes It Towards War: Despite The Crisis, World Military Spending Continues To Grow - United States dominates, China follows - Minor But Well-Armed Powers - Only The Non-Pacifist Proletariat Is Anti-Militarist and Anti-War
– AUKUS - A new war pact between imperial powerhouses of Capital
– Andrea Rovere - RIP
– UK truckers fight back against lousy pay and conditions: Fuel crisis - Safety issues
– Workers-Toilers’ Rally in Istanbul
– Workers Struggles Italy: GKN Workers as an Example of a Class Union Movement - Rome, monday 11 october 2021, Hurray for the general strike of the rank and file trade unions!, For a Class Union Front for the defense of the immediate interests of the working class, For the rebirth of the One Big Union: outside and against the regime unions – FOR A CLASS UNION - News and interventions of the class struggle: Class Union or One Big Union?, The IWW - Strike at John Deere - Militancy in the Building Trades, Painters Union, Portland Oregon, Carpenters Seattle, Seattle Teamster Concrete drivers – IATSE: Kill the Proposal! – Another Major Strike of South African Steel workers